Winter Light / Summer Heat

  • Every Wednesdays, 6:00pm8:00pm

Winter Light / Summer Heat is a weekly radio music program that features popular old favorites and lesser-known tunes that focus on themes of exploration, nostalgia, mythology, politics, history, existentialism, death, wanderlust and spirituality, or maybe it’s just a bunch of songs in a row, brought to the listener through a vehicle of folk and psychedelic music. 

The focus of Winter Light / Summer Heat is psychedelic rock, contemporary folk and their sub-genres (acid rock, psych, space rock, garage, jam band, krautrock, psychedelic pop, psychedelic folk, Canterbury scene, freak, beat, folk rock, progressive folk, folk baroque, folk pop, chamber folk etc…), but the program also dips into world, exotica, funk, rock, singer-songwriter, pop and soundtrack music.

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