Hosted by M. Sebastian Araujo

The Cut with M Sebastian Araujo and Galen Blodgett is an ongoing discussion about how we live, love and laugh in what is called our natural environment. We will be asking questions, answering some and inviting other guests to join in the conversation who have knowledge and experience in how to not just cope but thrive in the times we are living in.


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About the Host

M Sebastian Araujo is former NYC dilletante and drama queen who gave up the BIG LIFE for a hand built chalet in a HUGE forest in the way northern part of VT with his husband and two mangy former feral cats 6 years ago and pack up all his cares and woes and furbelows and moved in FULL TIME than co founded the " Montgomery Center for the Arts" and has curated and created ART events all over the state.

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