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WBTV-LP accepts applications throughout the year, but we do new programmer recruitment drives quarterly. Typically we are considering new applicants quarterly in January, April, July and October of each year.


Email WBTV-LP to learn more.




Our WBTV-LP Programming Vision

WBTV­-LP aims to air programs that contain a diversity of people, styles, and opinions, examine local issues, and/or educate listeners. We embrace new radio makers’ value and growth, and seek out the voices that make radio entertaining, engaging and interesting. You can be yourself and part of something great at WBTV-­LP.

Becoming a WBTV-LP Programmer:

The WBTV­-LP Programming Committee objectively chooses programming applications/show content based on:

  • how the applicant’s show fits the WBTV­-LP programming vision,
  • how the programmer and show might add to our commitment to diversity (in social identity and programming),
  • and how the applicant is involved in the station.

Applicants should note:

  • You don’t need to have any radio experience to apply.
  • We are committed to teaching everyone how to take a radio show idea and make it great!
  • If your application is accepted, WBTV-LP requires that you become a contributing member in time and/or an annual fee. We are committed to keeping programming membership cost sensitive, while also ensuring that our community-run station has the volunteer hours and funding it needs to succeed.
  • Note: Live shows will need to be between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. Sunday-Friday and 10 a.m.-5 p.m. on Saturdays (these are Media Factory’s open hours, where the WBTV-LP studio is located). Please factor this in when requesting your preferred live time slot. If you want to pre-record your show, there is more flexibility with air time.
  • Finally, know that we greatly value the time and effort you put into creating great radio programming!

How the WBTV-LP Application Works:

Accepted Show Proposals will embrace the four core values supported by WBTV­-LP (listed below). Programs may touch on all four values or have strong characteristics of certain values. We utilize a simple scoring system to be sure programming supports our vision and mission as a station. Again, we emphasis that prior to applying volunteer time contributing to the greater good of the station also helps to your chances of getting a show and desired time slot.

WBTV-LP’s Core Values: 

Consider how your show will align. How does your show align?


◘ Community Engagement: The station will foster engagement in the community to engender more active participation in the public discourse, with an emphasis on the local community.

This core value encourages our shows to be about local, relevant topics, made by local people, or engage directly with the locals through interviews, call ins, etc. Examples of shows could be:

  • An audio drama show featuring people from Burlington is great. It would be even better if the stories centered around Vermont.  Burlington has many tales to tell.
  • A music show could play local music, announce local events.

◘ Diversity of Voices: The station will encourage the participation of a diverse spectrum of the community, embracing a broad palette of ideas and perspectives without discrimination.

This core value encourages diverse people, styles, and opinions in our radio for the community. Our programming should reflect the people that live here and listeners should gain much from our creative efforts. Examples of shows could be:

  • A local politics show that turns the mic to a wide cross section of our community (especially those who are heard less frequently) would be of value to our listeners.  It would also be great to feature this in languages other than English.
  • A show that takes dialogue from movies, newscasts, and other sources (in lengths that are in accord with Fair Use standards) and mashes them up into their own original audio stories would be interesting and unique.

◘ Teaching & Learning: The station will be a place where learning happens, open to educators and learners of all ages, types, and skill levels.

This core value encourages shows to teach the listener something new. We hope our audience can gain some new insights and a better understanding of their community. Examples of shows could be:

  • A talk show might break down the local NPA meetings into accessible chunks for people who haven’t been keeping track of the issues.
  • A music show might take time between tracks to talk about the artist’s influences, or delve into musical history.

◘ Free Speech: The station will be a platform for the free exchange of ideas and public dialog, without censoring unpopular or controversial perspectives.

This core value is axiomatic in community media and at WBTV-­LP, though programming must comply with all FCC and station policies concerning commercial content, obscenity, hate speech, etc.


Growing Your Radio Skills at WBTV­-LP ­

All programmers are encouraged to take advantage of the many learning opportunities at the station.  Our listeners benefit from all the time we as programmers devote to production value.  This effort is recognized when the Programming Committee chooses content for the schedule.

In short, we want you to create a thoughtful show idea before you start your application. And above all else, be yourself and keep making great radio!

After reading all that, still have questions?  Email Us.


TAKE ME TO THE APPLICATION! (Or fill it out below)


  1. Media Factory membership
    1. Sign up for an orientation on our Meetup page:
      Orientations are scheduled for 1:00pm every other Saturday.
    2. Attend the orientation and complete the necessary paperwork including:
      1. Access User Form
      2. Statement of Compliance
      3. Photocopy of Photo ID
    3. You are now a Media Factory member and can begin using gear and facilities
  2. Application
    1.  Read through the Apply for a Show! Page on (That’s this page!)
    2. Click on TAKE ME TO THE APPLICATION! on that page and fill out the required information.
    3. Receive a confirmation within form that application was submitted successfully
  3. Application Review
    1. Once submitted, the application is sent to The Programming Committee (a group of community volunteers who oversee the Media Factory’s programming). WBTV-LP accepts applications throughout the year, but The Programming Committee considers new applicants quarterly – January, April, July and October of each year.
    2. If your application needs further consideration, the Programming Committee will contact the applicant for additional information.
    3. If the application is approved, The Programming Committee informs Media Factory staff. The Education Manager will contact the applicant to inform them and provide next steps for training.
  4. Training
    1. Attend a Board Certification with Media Factory staff. Learn how to operate the board and see the potential you can have in your radio show! This session also outlines WBTV’s mission, broadcast regulations, reporting requirements, programmer responsibilities and responsibilities according to Federal (FCC) Guidelines and WBTV policy.
      1. Board Certification is only required for programmers interested in using the Radio Booth to produce their shows. FCC Guidelines must be adhered to by all programmers and as such a special training will be held to only cover these requirements.
    2. Shadow a WBTV-LP programmer (aka booth/board training). Train with an experienced programmer to see the radio station in action during a live show to solidify your understanding of the operations and equipment of the booth.
  5. Scheduling and show finalization
    1. Content Manager contacts programmer to confirm the following information:
      1. Weekly time slot (See Time Slot availability here)
      2. Start date
      3. Official title of show
      4. On-air programmer name
      5. Square image for show (.jpeg, .jpg, .png or .gif, max size of 2 MB)
    2. Content Manager creates programmer a Spinitron account
    3. Staff adds programmer to WBTV-LP Programmer Google Group
  6. Programmer is ready for air
    1. Customize Spinitron show and programmer pages
    2. Begin broadcasting

Want to see what Time Slots are available for new programs? Check out the calendar here.