Programmer Resources


◘ Our Facility

List of equipment available for use in the radio booth

◘ WBTV-LP Programmer Google Group

Discussion and announcements for WBTV-LP Programmers. If you need access to this, please contact Jess (

WBTV-LP Mixcloud

Link to WBTV-LP’s archive of aired episodes.


◘ WBTV-LP Programmer Training & Operations Manual

A guide to our mission, station operations, FCC guidelines, and more.

WBTV-LP Show Cancellation Procedures

Can’t make it for your show? Please follow these steps.


◘ Spinitron Login for Playlist Entry

Customize your DJ profile, report your songs played and enter playlist and guest information.

◘ Spinitron Guide

A guide on the basics of using Spinitron and creating playlists.

File Recording and Submission

◘ How to Submit a Recorded Show

Instructions for submitting audio files to WBTV-LP.

◘ Recording Your Live Show For Airing later

A guide on how to record your live program in the booth with additional information on how to edit and export the file you create.

◘ How to Record Your Show (When Another Show Is Playing)

A guide on how to record to a SD card in the booth without going live to air.

Mixcloud – File Submission Form And Guide

Links and information on the WBTV-LP Mixcloud account and how to submit your episode files.

◘ Audacity basics

A guide on how to open files in Audacity as well as listen to, trim, edit, fade out, normalize and export files.

Elements of a PSA

Document covering the basic content and production of a Public Service Announcement

◘ Work With What You Got Video Series

Short videos made to assist in home audio & video production.

◘ Home Recording Resources

A collection of resources for home audio recording.

Video Recording Guide

Guide on how to set up, record with and switch the cameras in the booth

Booth Operations

◘ On-air Studio Training Checklist

Checklist of all things to cover during a DJ shadow.

◘ How To Take Phone Calls in the Booth

A step by step guide on using the radio booth studio phone line (802) 540-6890


◘ Time Slot Availability

See what time slots are available for new live and pre-recorded programs.

◘ Program Schedule Calendar

The current airing schedule with indications if the show is local or licensed, live or pre-recorded.