Programmer Resources

WBTV-LP Programmer Google Group

Discussion and announcements for WBTV-LP Programmers. If you need access to this, please contact Jess (

Spinitron Login for Playlist Entry

Customize your DJ profile, enter playlist and guest information.

Spinitron Guide

A guide with some basic information on Spinitron and creating playlists

WBTV-LP Programmer Training & Operations Manual

A guide to our mission, station operations, FCC guidelines, and more.

WBTV-LP Show Cancellation Procedures

Can’t make it for your show? Please follow these steps.

How to Submit a Recorded Show

Instructions for submitting audio files to WBTV-LP.

Recording Your Live Show For Airing later

A guide on how to record your live program in the booth with additional information on how to edit and export the file you create.

How to Record Your Show (When Another Show Is Playing)

A guide on how to record to a SD card in the booth without going live to air.

How To Take Phone Calls in the Booth

A step by step guide on using the radio booth phone.

Work With What You Got Video Series

Short videos made to assist in home audio & video production.

Home Recording Resources

A collection of resources for home audio recording.