The Upside

  • Every Wednesdays, 9:00am11:00am

The Upside is a talk and music show with a theme that is offbeat and upbeat. I talk with local community gatherers and creative folks who are involved in projects that inspire, inform, and uplift our community. Most of the time, they share something that you, dear listener, can do to get more connected with your neighbors and yourself. I also play music from the 70s to the 10s, with an eclectic mix of upbeat pop, funk, electronic, alternative, punk, and rock – all aligned with the theme of the day. 

I’m your host, Gin Ferrara, a multimediator, storyteller, and maker of things. I created this show selfishly, because I wanted to learn more about the fascinating people in my community, and to find inspiration in their work and stories. So far, so good.

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