The power of radio is undeniable – it’s accessible & personal. What separates 99.3 FM, WBTV-LP, Burlington is our aim to be the voice of the people, while still being in chorus with other local Burlington community radio. We are now broadcasting to Burlington via the radio at 99.3FM and to Vermont and beyond online via this website (click the stream arrow at the bottom).

WBTV-LP is a collaborative community media project supported by Burlington area community media centers RETN and VCAM in partnership with a dedicated crew of community volunteers. Our station is membership-based from our growing crew of programmers and listeners, with a Radio Advisory Council that oversees station management, and staff support from VCAM and RETN. More info on our contact page.


WBTV-LP’s mission is to connect people in Burlington with community radio that is created and curated locally, dedicated to the free and creative exchange of ideas and culture, and reflective of the diversity of our city. We do this by teaching the art of radio production and illuminating stories that are vital to our community.

Our vision is to transform communities through participatory media, creating a unique radio landscape that inspires connection, collaboration and creativity.


Radio broadcasters face a unique challenge in their need to uphold the commonly held standards for broadcasters, while also defending the artistic freedom of its programmers and the diversity of perspectives in the listening community.

WBTV-LP is proud to participate in the long tradition of free and local radio broadcasting, and does so with the following principles in mind:

  • We acknowledge the free access that we have to listeners’ homes, work and lives. We accept this social contract with our listening community, and will follow the current accepted guidelines for radio broadcast.
  • WBTV-LP will develop programming that balances high quality, locally produced content with programs that teach and enrich our listening community.
  • WBTV-LP acknowledges its role as a training site for radio broadcasters. We will commit time and resources to promoting the benefits of the radio medium and training community members in the radio arts.
  • We believe that a diversity of perspectives enriches our community. In our daily programming and our long-range goals, we will prioritize connecting with and supporting all members of our community. We acknowledge our own bias and actively seek marginalized perspectives. [Diversity of Voices]
  • WBTV-LP is committed to the values of freedom and creativity. To that end, we will actively build an on-air and in-house environment that is joyful, supportive and aware.

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