Looking for a low-cost, effective way to broaden your consumer base?

Get a jump on a powerful new Burlington community media project: 99.3FM WBTV-LP, Burlington

What is underwriting?

Underwriting is a donation in exchange for broadcast or digital mention of any “matter.” It is sort of like advertising, but there are strict rules for how an underwriting mention is designed and scheduled.

Types of underwriting options include:

  • Monetary–a standard exchange of funds for underwriting placement.
  • Barter–a combination of forms, some money, some goods, etc.
  • Trade–for example, in exchange for underwriting spots, you could provide us with venue space or advertising placement.
  • Goods and services – such as design work, t-shirts, etc.

Ready to underwrite with us? Check out our full underwriting package:

WBTV-LP Underwriting Information

To learn more and bring your message to the Media Factory Community, contact Seth Mobley at seth@vermontcam.org or Jess Wilson at jessw@retn.org!

What is sponsorship?

Sponsorship is direct support for naming rights or more strategic huge public thanks. Think, “VPR studios broadcasting out of the King Arthur Flour studios of Norwich, VT.” King Arthur paid for most of their broadcast studio, so they got to have it named after them and on-air, it is mentioned as such. If you are interested in supporting in this way, please contact Seth Mobley at seth@vermontcam.org or Jess Wilson at jessw@retn.org. Thank you!

Digital underwriting with WBTV-LP, VCAM and RETN

Underwriting across the three organizations of WBTV-LP, VCAM and RETN includes mentions on the following digital outlets:

  • websites,
  • social media,
  • e-newsletters,
  • local TV cable channels 15 (north and south) and channel 16,
  • and eventually, on-air at 99.3FM, WBTV-LP itself.

How far will your underwriting go?

As part of underwriting with WBTV-LP during this special station building period, you get access to VCAM and RETN’s digital presence as well.

This includes a possible digital media reach as follows:

  • To nearly 19,000 unique monthly website views across the three media organizations.
  • To a diverse social media network on facebook, twitter, and instagram totaling 4,000 followers strong and counting.
  • To a combined monthly e-newsletter audience of more than 2,500 Vermonters.
  • Into the homes of 37,000 Chittenden County cable subscribers via the local TV VCAM channels 15 (north and south) and RETN channel 16. This is nearly 40% of Vermont’s cable subscribers!
  • Broadcasting at 99.3FM, WBTV-LP itself, to all of the 40,000+ City of Burlington citizens and online to countless hundreds of others.

Your brand will be seen and heard by huge numbers of actual local/ Vermonters on any given day on a variety of local media platforms. Better yet, when locals see you investing in their community media, they will invest in you!

Ready to underwrite with us? Contact seth@vermontcam.org or jessw@retn.org!