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Meet Patrick Green Beans, Host of Winter Light Summer Heat on 99.3 WBTV-LP!

Meet Patrick Green Beans, host of Winter Light, Summer Heat.  His program focuses on psychedelic rock and folk music.

Q: What is your show?

A: It is a music program on every week that puts a spotlight on psychedelic rock and contemporary folk.  I think what sets my show apart from other shows is that its playing genres that aren’t really represented on other stations.  What I focus on is not exactly the most popular types of music currently. I also put a big emphasis on trying to play music that isn’t just from the United States or the English speaking world, but trying to get different voices.  Ones that you don’t usually hear on a commercial radio station.

Q: What is different about WBTV-LP?

A: To me, WBTV-LP is different than other stations because it has a real focus on community and education.  It gives the opportunity for people to come in and learn a technical skill, how to run a radio station, as well as the exercise of putting a show together every week.  I think this focus on community is giving a lot of people an opportunity they would not have otherwise, as well as new opportunity for listeners to hear something different.  To hear voices that aren’t really represented, it adds a diversity that wouldn’t necessarily be there without public access stations like WBTV-LP.

Listen to Winter Light Summer Heat every Wednesday from 6:00-8:00 P.M. on 99.3 WBTV-LP, or online at 993wbtv.org.

99.3 FM WBTV-LP is your community radio station. Please consider making a gift via our website at https://993wbtv.org/donate/ or mailing a check to 99.3 FM WBTV-LP, 208 Flynn Ave., Suite 2G, Burlington VT 05401.

Better Together.

For me, the concept of better together begins close to home with my radio show on WBTV-LP.

It’s how I choose to connect and get involved with the community. And like so many other community-focused organizations, this radio station affords the public opportunities that simply do not exist elsewhere.

Everyone on the air at WBTV-LP has a story for why they were drawn to community radio, for me it was tied to a need to be involved with the people around me, a lifelong interest in music and a desire to share that music. I remember tuning into my favorite WBTV-LP DJs every week while waiting desperately for my schedule to clear up so I could commit to a slot and join them. After a year and a half, I was finally available and signed up. Now I maintain a weekly music show wherein I aim to fill a gap left by commercial stations.

A huge feature of community radio is that the learning experience never ends. After getting a handle on the basics, one is able to experiment and fine tune so one can always improve on what they did the week before. Because of this, WBTV-LP’s output is always getting better. DJs stay energized by learning new techniques and finding new content, whether it be interview subjects, discussion topics the community is invested in or diverse music for the listeners. The community and learning environment of WBTV-LP provides so many with the freedom to explore radio in a way that allows the process and the programming to stay exciting while keeping everyone involved.

As your community radio station, 99.3 FM WBTV-LP is working to make better radio and a better, more connected community. With your support, our programming will continue to represent the best our diverse community has to offer.

Because WBTV-LP’s programming is community made, it creates content the community is interested in with all of the ideas, cultures and passions that represent that very community. Contributors can feel proud that they are giving so many the opportunity to learn the skills needed to create a successful show on a dedicated station. That new knowledge, in turn, generates free programming diverse enough to fulfill the needs and catch the ear of the Media Factory community, and thanks to live streaming on 993wbtv.org, individuals the world over.

Thank you for your support of community radio!

Patrick Heltz

WBTV-LP Programmer, “Winter Light, Summer Heat” 

Wednesdays from 6-8 on 99.3 WBTV-LP