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Radio Resources

Haven’t been able to make it to our radio workshops? Here are some great resources to check out if you want to make produced radio.


Abel_final-cover-760x973Out on the Wire by Jessica Abel: A non-fiction comic investigating how the creators of This American Life, Radiolab, The Moth, and other great story based shows make them so good. This book and the accompanying podcast are some of the best tools for making quality radio, or really, any creative work.




StartUp episode 16: The Secret Formula: This episode is a super accessible breakdown of what goes into making a podcast at Gimlet, the podcast company that puts this show out. A good place to start if you’re curious about how produced storytelling radio/podcasts are made. It captures the editing process better than anything else I’ve heard.

HowSound: “The Backstory to Great Radio Storytelling” This podcast dissects great radio pieces, talks to the creators, and extracts juicy lessons about how they made it so good.

Out on the Wire
: This is the podcast that goes with the book ‘Out on the Wire’. Start from the beginning. Each episode introduces another tool to cut to the heart of storytelling. You’ll come out the other side of this podcast with a much better grasp of how to put together an engrossing story.




transom.org: An amazing resource. Articles about everything radio related you can think of. Super useful for technical stuff too, recorders, etc. It’s the first place most radio producers go when they have a question about how do something, or want advice.

thirdcoastfestival.org: Like the Oscars for radio. They have an amazing audio library with lots of great radio pieces, and also talks from their conferences, where radio people geek out about sound design, storytelling, interviewing, etc. etc.

http://earbud.fm: A new curated selection of podcast episodes. A great way to discover new podcasts to listen to.