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Thank You, Art Hop Volunteers!

Another Art Hop over, more awesomeness to come! Shout out to our WBTV-LP volunteers Tisha, Will, Phillip (with bonus Shelagh!), and Richard, for recording IDs, talking with visitors, and generally being amazing ambassadors for our station. Very special thanks to Melo for doing North Star Radio Cultural Bunker-style!

WBTV-LP at Summervale!!

The Media Factory rolled the van out to Summervale on August 15th and had a blast!

Melo Grant did a wonderful remote broadcast of the Cultural Bunker, joined on the mic by Engineer Phil from STEAM Lab. This kind of cross pollination between programmers is a beautiful thing to see.

Phil captured great interviews, station IDs, and impressions from a vibrant, engaged group of vendors and guests on a gorgeous Summer evening in Burlington. Stay tuned for a special Voices from Summervale edition of WBTV-LP Presents, coming soon!

Special thanks to Station Manager Jess Wilson and Endless Head Nod programmer Nich Kramer for their help and technical support.

There is only one more Summervale event this season! For information, please visit intervale.org/summervale

Meet Skeeter, Host of The Quiet Storm on 99.3 WBTV-LP!

The Quiet Storm is a smooth jazz and R&B program. Here, Skeeter discusses how it came to be.

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Meet Morella Devost, Host of Thrive with Morella on 99.3 WBTV-LP!

Meet Morella Devost, host of Thrive with Morella.  While being a radio show, it is also streamed on Facebook live.  Morella talks about anything body, mind, heart, or spirit.


Q: What is your show?

A: It’s a show that’s about the entirety of the human experience.  Where as other shows might just be about physical health, money, or spirituality, I like to bring people from all different fields that are all about helping people thrive in their lives.  For somebody it might be thriving in their physical health, like a show about Lyme disease, but I could also do a show about finances. It spans a broad range of fields of the human experience that I believe are all related to thriving.


Q: How did you come to WBTV-LP?

A: Several years ago I was a producer and host of a show at VCAM, that show was Holistically Speaking.  I did that show for a number of years and I had to take a break.  I was ready to come back to do another show, which I wanted to do not just through the local channels but I wanted to broadcast it onto Facebook Live.  I came to talk to the folks at VCAM and said to do it with radio as well. So that’s how I came to be in the radio booth, and I love it.


Listen to Thrive with Morella every Monday from 1:00-3:00 P.M. on 99.3 WBTV-LP, or online at 993wbtv.org.

99.3 FM WBTV-LP is your community radio station. Please consider making a gift via our website at https://993wbtv.org/donate/ or mailing a check to 99.3 FM WBTV-LP, 208 Flynn Ave., Suite 2G, Burlington VT 05401.

Meet Adam Rabin, Host of Vermont Favorites on 99.3 WBTV-LP!

Meet Adam Rabin, host of Vermont Favorites on 99.3 WBTV-LP.  With experience in the broadcast field, Adam talks about what makes WBTV-LP the right station for him and his show.  Vermont Favorites is a talk show where Adam interviews local artists for an hour.

Q: What do you like about WBTV-LP?

A: What I really like about 99.3 WBTV-LP is that it is a community station, anyone can come in and be a part of something that we can all share.  I find the radio station very welcoming, the staff and volunteers here. It’s something to be a part of, not just for my show but also for the other people that help out behind the scenes.  It’s a great way to meet more artists, DJs, musicians, music fans, and talk fans in and around Burlington, Vermont.


Q: Is there anything you are learning at WBTV-LP?

A: This is my first experience working at a radio station.  I’ve worked behind the scenes at TV stations in the past, but this is the first time I’ve been the talent.  It’s been very educational for me to be the one being recorded.


Q: What sets WBTV-LP apart from other stations?

A: What sets 99.3 FM apart in Burlington is that it is non-commercial.  It is completely open to the community, we do not rely on advertisers. Anyone can come in with their voice and share what they have to say, their own perspectives whether it’s a musical perspective or a discussion.  Anyone can come in with their own point of view and they will be given free rein, within the FCC rules of course, to disseminate their point of view and to begin a discussion, whether it’s one way or two way, with the community at large.


Q: What do you do with your show?

A: What I can do with Vermont Favorites, is that since it’s an hour long discussion with one guest, or maybe two sometimes, is just how deeply we can get into talking about the artistic and creative process. To not be restricted to just have these short little soundbites or two sentence answers, but it’s a whole conversation with ebbs and flows. It’s very difficult to get that in articles or in magazine style shows where you have only a few column inches or just five minutes to talk about the entire work with the person behind these works.


Listen to Vermont Favorites every Friday from 1:00-2:00 P.M. and Sundays 11:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M. on 99.3FM WBTV-LP, or online at 993wbtv.org.

99.3 FM WBTV-LP is your community radio station. Please consider making a gift via our website at https://993wbtv.org/donate/ or mailing a check to 99.3 FM WBTV-LP, 208 Flynn Ave., Suite 2G, Burlington VT 05401.