Station Building Committees

WBTV-LP, Burlington is being built with a “community-first” mind set. What does this mean? We are dedicated to drawing in community leaders before we are on air to flesh out how the station will be governed, what programming guidelines are set, how decisions get made, and other key elements of how the station will exist. We are excited to already have dozens and dozens of local radio lovers involved in our process and working hard on our station building committees. Learn more about them and join their work!

To get involved with any of these committees, contact station coordinator Rachel O’Neill at

  • Radio Advisory Council (RAC)This is made up of the chairs of each of the station committees, two RAC co-chairs, and the Directors from RETN and VCAM. For station building, this group is acting as a governing council to make certain decisions and to keep inter-station communication on point. They meet monthly , usually on the 2nd Monday of the month. This group will morph into the station governance council, with a differently constructed membership (based on what the governance committee comes up with) after we are on the air (2017).
  • Fundraising Committee – This group is overseeing the community fundraising for capital station building costs  and thinking long-term about sustaining, diverse fundraising strategies for the station. We are currently looking for a chair & members!
  • Governance Committee – These folks are working to lay out and tweak the by-laws, governing structure, and other station operating elements.
  • Outreach & Education Committee – This committee keeps our website, social media, flyers, tabling, and other outreach tools cooking and oversees the education efforts of the station, including programmer training. We always need more members and programmer trainers!  They meet monthly.
  • Programming Committee – This group is tackling the many programming possibilities for the station, including mapping out a programmer application, show vetting process, and programming vision for the station. They meet monthly.
  • Tech Committee – These folks are working on research of gear needs for the station studio build and broadcast gear (antenna, transmitter, etc.). They are also working on a site for antenna placement within our approved FCC broadcast range. They meet as needed and online.
  • WBTV-LP All Station Membership Meet Ups – Any member of the community, our growing number of supporting members, or community members who are involved in the station building process are invited to take part in our near monthly all-station meetings during station building. These are a chance for committees to report back on their progress and for the membership to vet big decisions together. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter (on the right) to get the invites for our next meet up.