Tuesdays at 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Hosted by Shrimp Praxis and Young Slug Carpaccio

Twithop is a music show about twitter hip-hop. Often new hip hop artists and rappers in the digital age can spur an entire career without a record label. They upload music straight to Spotify, brand themselves on twitter and shoot music videos with their friends on YouTube. These lesser known artists have new unorthodox sounds that we want to explore and play on the station. The music playlists we create will be rap artists that haven’t blown up yet, that some would consider underground, or just new on the scene. We’ll also explore newer and niche underground genres of rap and hip-hop.


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About the Host

Shrimp Praxis is one of 5 shadow money wizards currently operating in the united states with a license to practice in shadow money wizardry. When concentrating he can accurately predict market movement and influence global trade. A truly modern enigma, nobody knows what he does with his power, but few dare to criticize his secrecy for fear of retribution.

About the Host

The Elusive Young Slug Carpaccio Has gone by many names. Pineapple boy. The stinking ghoul. The Rainman. The Ghost of the Nebraska Marriott hotel. But many people know him for his work with the clandestine “Global Guap Agenda”. The Global Guap Agenda or GGA for short is a paramilitary group founded by Slug with unknown origins and unclear motives. Their intense and sustained cash flow is the subject of mystery, but their chilling presence can be felt in even the deepest corners of the world.

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