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Punk rock, powerpop, folk punk, new wave, pop punk, skapunk, hardcore, etc., hoping to bring a newer kind of music to a younger kind of audience. I bring various musicians from the local scene on the air to discuss shows, social topics, new releases, etc. Ultimately, my only agenda is to play punk rock and discuss punk rock, punk poetry, and other counterculture art. My musical interests range from 1969 to now.
I will also incorporate information and news about the scene and the culture, now vs. them, encompassing details such as fashion, the rise and fall of certain bands, and anything else pertaining to the punk rock scene.”


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Dj Void wearing sunglasses
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About the Host

In Boston, Jeremy Void played in a Punk rock band called Lethal Erection. They Lived Faster, They Played Louder. Some trouble was dropped in his path and he had to leave the state and check himself into a treatment facility for drug addicts and neurodivergent people. In that time he has written several books and discovered a near infinite selection of Punk rock that he can really smash his head into, just to get off. Like he always says, he doesn't look for trouble, trouble looks for him. Only he welcomes it.

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