Outreach & Education Committee

Kate & Jackie Tabling Farmers Market 07252015_2Hey! We are building a low-power community radio station! And, we are trying to tell everyone about it. The Outreach Group is charged with a bunch of tasks while we are in station building mode:

  • recruiting the community to get involved on planning groups, donating money, getting on the programmer list, and just getting jazzed about this station & telling all your friends;
  • holding COMMUNITY LISTENING sessions all around Burlington, to gather input, feedback, ideas, share our status in planning, and answer questions;
  • managing the digital outreach for the station (website, newsletter, social media, etc.);
  • coordinating and leading our audio and radio education monthly workshops;
  • sharing info with Burlington (and beyond) about how this new little low-power community radio station plans to stand out AND fit into the existing community radio scene in the queen city.

This group is currently made up of the following people:

Interested in helping us do community outreach for the station? Email station coordinator Rachel O’Neill at rachel@vermontcam.org


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