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towerWBTV-LP Radio Station Statement of Purpose & Vision

A draft from our FCC application

(a working) MISSION:

The mission of WBTV, LPFM Burlington is to provide our area with community produced radio content that showcases the wide range of political, religious, cultural and musical views of our area.   

(a working) PURPOSE:

As a LPFM radio station, we believe:

  • everyone, no matter their age, socio-economic status, race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality  gender identity, ability, or citizenship status has a right to learn how to create any form of media and to have that media shared with their community through public access television or community radio;
  • the content of public media created on our station(s) should be thought provoking, innovative, protected by our free speech policy, and largely created by local Vermonters;
  • community media station(s) are only as strong as the volunteer base that supports them, therefore we are committed to creating a sustainable community radio station through content creation, management, and community accountability that is based on the best practices (fundraising, advisory board, management structures, etc.) of other existing LPFM stations;
  • community created media provides a voice to many Vermonters who otherwise are silenced and it is through outlets like community radio that we believe real social change can be created.


Our station will be supported through the involvement of many community individuals and organizations who will contribute programming and governance support.  We are committed to largely having locally produced content (well more than the required 8 hours a day), in addition we will look to incorporate content from other community public media sources with news and views not currently heard on Burlington, VT area airwaves.


We are planning for our station to be governed by an advisory board made up of programmers, community members, former and current community radio volunteers, and public media activists who share in the common goal of providing everyone in our community with access to not just the airwaves, but the tools and skill-building methods by which to make quality media content. We plan to actively seek out members for our advisory board from all corners in our community.  Our final governance model will be largely influenced by other LPFM stations that share our mission and vision, such as the Community Media Center in Grand Rapids, MI’s LPFM station WYCE-LPFM.


Our station will be a listener-supported, volunteer-programmed radio station, that crowd sources content from our existing Public Access TV station, as well live and pre-produced radio shows that come from volunteer community programmers. VCAM’s long-time work in the Burlington community, championing public media, sets us up well for long term success in maintaining a new LPFM station.  Our established local relationships with other organizations, technical know-how, a large volunteer base, fundraising strategies, and other infrastructures needs have us ready to start up a station relatively quickly and effectively upon FCC approval.


Option 1: Channel 257, Frequency 99.3


To view our pending application and other Vermont LPFM applications, visit the FCC licensing site and input the following information:

Service: low power fm

Com of license: burlington (or whatever town you are interested in)

State: vt

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