Radio Advisory Council (RAC)

Radio Advisory Council (RAC) Purpose

As part of our station building process, we have a group of community members and staff from RETN and VCAM who continue to work to provide the leadership and heavy lifting of getting the station on the air this year. This group is acting as the first “board” for WBTV-LP and after station launch, will transition to a governance model that has dedicated RAC seats for programmers, listeners and other key stakeholders.

For now, the RAC is charged with setting benchmarks for the station around fundraising and budgeting, overseeing the tech build out, programmer recruitment and training, creation of governance policies and procedures, and other important details.

Since the spring of 2016, the RAC has met twice a month. Currently the RAC is made up of chairs from our working committees of Outreach/Education, Tech, Programming, Fundraising, Finance (a sub committee of the RAC), and Governance and key RETN and VCAM staff.

RAC Members

  • Kate Blofson (Governance Chair)
  • Llu Mulvaney-Stanak, Co-Chair of the RAC
  • Jess Wilson (RETN staffer and Finance)
  • Seth Mobley (VCAM staffer, Finance)
  • Bill Simmon, Co-Chair of the RAC (VCAM staffer, Tech and Programming)
  • Joanna Thomas (Outreach/Education Chair)
  • Melo Grant (Outreach/Education member)
  • Shelagh Shapiro (Programmer representative)

RAC Meeting Schedule

2nd Mondays of every month. Next meeting: Monday, September 11 @ 5:30 at the Media Factory & WBTV-LP studio, 208 Flynn Ave. Burlington, VT.

RAC Minutes from 2016 Meetings: January-present

Interested in helping us plan this station?

Contact Llu Mulvaney-Stanak, RAC Co-Chair.

Updated 11/17/17


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