WBTV-LP is about to launch online in December and on your radio in spring of 2017.

We have some final start-up costs we need funding for (the new online streaming service!), as well as the annual expenses of maintaining the station that we are looking to our community supporters and programmers to help us cover through annual station memberships, starting at just $9.93/year. 

Thank you for supporting community radio! 


How can I make a donation to WBTV-LP?

Any amount helps, but to give you an idea of how far your dollar can go:

  • $25 – Basic WBTV-LP membership helps to support the final costs associated with getting on the air – the new cables, the final signage, and the training costs to get new programmers ready to turn the mic on.
  • $50 – Mid Level WBTV-LP membership helps to establish our important subscriptions to national radio-broadcast services and establishes us online.
  • $100 – High Level WBTV-LP membership helps to back the tech build out faster, funding the purchase of in-studio gear, monitors, and more.
  • $250+ – Major Level WBTV-LP membership helps to turn the dial way past ten with directly funding large, one-time purchases of gear like the transmitter to get us on-air.

VCAM is the fiscal sponsor of 99.3FM, WBTV-LP, so all donations can be made through VCAM online (credit card or paypay) or by check made out to “VCAM” and noted to be added to the “WBTV-LP Fund.” Mail checks to 208 Flynn Ave. 2-G, Burlington, VT 05401. Thank you!

How will this station be funded?

WBTV-LP will operate like all other non-profits, raising money from a variety of sources – sponsorship, events, grants, underwriting, and from individuals. We expect the WBTV-LP to be a member-backed station, with regular annual appeals for support.

How can I help fundraise?

Contact the station at

How can my business support?

Are you a business or organization looking for some extra promotion in the community? No better way then to support local radio. Help underwrite our station building phase and you will get thanked on the web, social media, our newsletters, and on the VCAM and RETN TV channels. Wow! That’s a lot of promotion! You will be seen by thousands of local supporters and customers. Learn more by emailing Audrey Homan:

I can’t give cash, but I have other stuff I can donate.

Cool? Tell us what gear or goods you can offer! We are gathering the technical resources we need to full outfit our broadcast studio. Contact Bill Simmon, our tech committee chair, in advance to make sure what you have matches our specs! Here are some examples:

– 2-4 broadcast microphones
– 2-4 pairs of decent headphones
– XLR cables (and XLR to quarter inch cables)
– audio cable adapters
– two decent turntables & a mixer
– single player CD players & a dual player cassette deck
– External Hard drives for audio and video editing
– power strips and indoor/outdoor extension cords

non-gear needs
– graphic design
– carpentry and electrical work


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