Become a WBTV-LP listener member!


Our annual station memberships, start at just $9.93/year. 

Any amount helps, but to give you an idea of how far your dollar can go:

  • $25 – helps to support the on-going gear build out needs like – the new cables, the final signage, and the training costs to get new programmers ready to turn the mic on.
  • $50 – helps to establish our important subscriptions to national radio-broadcast services and other legal broadcasting fees.
  • $100 – helps add to our bigger tech dreams like, funding the purchase of gear for live-performance broadcasts, a call-in phone set up and more.
  • $250+ – helps to turn the dial way past ten with directly funding large expenses for the year like our station coordinator’s time and big outreach initiatives.

Media Factory is the fiscal sponsor of 99.3FM, WBTV-LP, so all donations can be made through Media Factory online (credit card or paypal) or by check made out to “Media Factory” and noted to be added to the “WBTV-LP Fund.” Mail checks to 208 Flynn Ave. 2-G, Burlington, VT 05401. Thank you!

How is this station funded?

WBTV-LP operates like all other non-profits, raising money from a variety of sources – events, grants, underwriting, and from individuals through memberships and workshop donations.

How can I help fundraise?

Contact the station at

How can my business support?

Are you a business or organization looking for some extra promotion in the community? No better way than to support local radio. Help underwrite our station and you will get thanked on the web, social media, our newsletters, and on the Media Factory TV channels. Wow! That’s a lot of promotion! You will be seen by thousands of local supporters and customers.

To learn more, contact Seth Mobley ( or Jess Wilson (

I can’t give cash, but I have other stuff I can donate.

Tell us what gear or goods you can offer! We are gathering the technical resources we need to fully outfit our broadcast studio. Contact our Tech Committee in advance to make sure what you have matches our specs!

20 Comments so far

Greg GoldsmithPosted on3:33 am - Feb 24, 2020

I’m wondering what will be taking the place of Blue Suede Rock?

    Athena KafantarisPosted on8:27 pm - Feb 27, 2020

    Blue Suede Rock will rock on for the month of March with recorded episodes. After that, we’ll seek a new live DJ for the time slot. Thanks for listening!

Ron GubelmanPosted on8:25 pm - Jul 31, 2019

I was hoping to connect on email with DJ Mesa. Listened to her show yesterday (Tuesday, July 30), and would love to get the playlist. My wife and I live in Seattle and are in town visiting and we randomly came across her show. Thanks in advance if you can help or pass this message along to her!

Alison V MottPosted on6:56 pm - Apr 23, 2019


Thanks for the work you do! I am having trouble listening online to your station. When I try to listen through my computer by pressing the blue button at the bottom of the screen, I get silence and then a scrambled sound, then silence, then scrambled sound etc. Through my iphone I subscribed to the TuneIn app and it won’t connect to your station. My computer is a PC with a Windows OS. Options? Things I forgot to do? I’d love to help my family listen to the show my band recorded but can’t listen on the radio outside of Burlington.

Alison Mott

    Gin FerraraPosted on2:09 pm - Jul 22, 2019


    Hi there! We’re sorry you had trouble listening to the show (and sorry for the delayed response!). Our player may have had technical difficulties at the time. Have you been able to hear your show since that time? As we are a volunteer-based community radio station, I recommend you reach out directly to the programmer whose show you were on, as they would have the recording of the show.

    Thanks also for letting us know about the TuneIn issue. Our connection seems fine now, but it’s quite possible that at the time the system was down.


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