M. Sebastian Araujo

M Sebastian Araujo is former NYC dilletante and drama queen who gave up the BIG LIFE for a hand built chalet in a HUGE forest in the way northern part of VT with his husband and two mangy former feral cats 6 years ago and pack up all his cares and woes and furbelows and moved in FULL TIME than co founded the ” Montgomery Center for the Arts” and has curated and created ART events all over the state.

We Are Vermont!

Fridays at 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM

Hosted by M. Sebastian Araujo

We Are VT is a Bi-Weekly Curious Show That asks the Question: With all the variables, long winters, politics, drama, finances, etc. etc. etc…and we ALL could live anywhere on this HUGE planet, we choose to stay here in Vermont!