Antenna Wilde

Antenna Wilde is an actor, writer and comedian. He has performed stand up comedy at venues including Laughs Comedy Club in New Mexico, the Comedy Vault in Boston, Comic Strip Live in New York and The Punchline in San Francisco. He received the national Lewis Hill Award for excellence in radio working for KWMR in West Marin, Ca. Antenna is a sound designer, video editor and voice actor. His full-length radio play Sein Trek! debuted on KSKQ in Oregon, KWMR in California and WGDR in Vermont. He produced and directed The Antenna Wilde Show broadcast on local channel ORCA in Vermont and is now on YouTube, focusing heavily on the quirky and ridiculous. He starred in a short horror film by Owen Mulligan, The Smog. Antenna has also written a comedy book, a travel adventure novel and 3 poetry explosions. A SciFi novel is half-finished, but will it ever TRULY be finished? In addition to referring to himself in the third person, he just started a new radio show at WBTV Burlington. The show is potpourri, minus the pleasant smell. Talk, music, information, discussion, and call in to add your thoughts, God help us.

Trust Your Gut

Thursdays at 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Hosted by Antenna Wilde

Interviews of a variety of people to understand what they do and how things work. I discuss the human condition, and include humor whenever possible. I  have members of the community come in for interviews, and musicians to play acoustic. My musical taste varies from classic rock to relaxing, chill jazz and LoFi, pop, experimental, local bands, jam bands, reggae


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