WBTV-LP, Burlington is a community radio station, run in partnership with the the media centers of VCAM and RETN. Here is how to contact us:

General Station Inquiries (how to get show, get in touch with a programmer, etc.)

Rachel O’Neil, Station Coordinator or (802) 651-9692.

Radio Advisory Council (RAC)

The RAC is the leadership entity of the station, made up of community volunteers (programmers, listeners, and leaders) and representatives from our partnering media orgs of VCAM and RETN (aka the PEGs). There are sub-committees of the RAC that run various elements of the station such as outreach/education/fundraising, tech, governance, and more).

Llu Mulvaney-Stanak, Community Leader Co-Chair:

Bill Simmon, PEG Representative Co-Chair: 

Underwriting Interest

Audrey Homan, Underwriting Coordinator:

Media Requests

Joanna Thomas, Outreach Committee Chair:


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