WBTV-LP, Burlington is a community radio station, run in partnership with VCAM and RETN and located in the Media Factory in Burlington’s south end. Here is how to contact us:

General Station Inquiries (how to get show, get in touch with a programmer, etc.)

Bill Simmon, VCAM Director of Media Services or (802) 651-9692.

Radio Advisory Council (RAC)

The RAC is the leadership entity of the station, made up of community volunteers (programmers, listeners, and leaders) and representatives from our partner community-media organizations, VCAM and RETN. There are subcommittees of the RAC that run various elements of the station such as outreach/education/fundraising, tech, governance, and more).

Llu Mulvaney-Stanak, Community Leader Co-Chair:

Bill Simmon, Staff Representative Co-Chair: 

Underwriting Interest

Jess Wilson:
Seth Mobley: 

Media Requests

Corrine Yonce, Outreach Committee Chair:


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Pinch us. – 99.3FM, WBTV-LP – Burlington, VTPosted on12:35 am - Oct 2, 2016

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Sandy CombsPosted on6:11 pm - May 25, 2017

I can NOT subscribe to the WBTV BLOG even **after** I enter my email address.

What’s up with this feature?

    Scott McGrathPosted on7:38 pm - May 25, 2017

    Hi Sandy,

    We found a problem/bug with that feature and have just fixed it. Thanks for letting us know, and we hope you’ll try again.

Jordan RubmanPosted on5:22 pm - Nov 11, 2017

Hey i had a section on the radio and i was wondering if you have a mp3 of it

Travis NuttingPosted on12:00 am - Dec 21, 2017

Hello. Are there no playlists?? I have been loving the music (6:30pm on…) and feel bummed I can’t call the station or check out the playlist.

Johnny AzerPosted on3:03 pm - Mar 9, 2018

Man when you guys play new music indie artists like now on Friday at ten am, it is the best new music station in the US. I wish I was taping. The girl is doing a great job with the picks. I do not have a car, but I am a singer songwriter, however I would not do my music and play underground deep stuff, could I send you well crafted mixes with other things I would dub in.

KathleenPosted on7:18 pm - Jun 12, 2018

If the station is going to play awesome music, it really should publish the playlist on the station’s website. This seems to be a standard practice for so many other independent radio stations. An accessible playlist educates the listeners about, and promotes, those artists being played in a fantastic way. I took the time to listen, then more time to look on the website for a program reference. Now more time is being taken to ask about it. You have to understand that It feels a little pretentious to hear the Dj spin such unique and excellent music without any references… almost like you have to be “in the know” to get information about the artists. The other comments here also seem to express the same concern about lack of playlists.

    Gin FerraraPosted on5:55 pm - Aug 3, 2018

    Hi, Kathleen,

    Thanks for your comment. We do have playlists for all the hosted shows, you can see them here: or here
    As we are a growing community station, there are times when we do not have a hosted show, and play an automated playlist, which is not published.

    We hope to have less and less automation, and more and more shows each season as the station grows. Thanks so much for listening!

George/Linda MurtiePosted on11:14 pm - Jun 15, 2018

George & Linda here! Happy to make a donation to support Louie Live 99.3fm. He’s a great Host. You are fortunate to have him.

We appreciate and Thank Louie for showing his interest and support in George’s Music Journey.

Again, thank you Louie, you’re the BEST! We love you, George & Linda
A big hug to Sharon from us! ❤️💚

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