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Pinch us.

The final piece of our studio build was installed yesterday–the counter. It is new, it is shiny, it is custom made to ensure the studio is accessible, comfortable, and fits all the gear radio makers will need to broadcast!

What’s next?

We finish our first round of programmer training (yup, we have had 25+ folks getting trained up on station basics, the art of radio, and next, the studio tech). We will have these folks be our first “beta” schedule as we stream online later this fall.

Then what?

Hot on the heels of getting online, we will raise a broadcast tower and pump out 100 watts of broadcast quality content to all of Burlington (and then some).

Can I still become a programmer?

Yup! We are always taking new apps, but you will have to wait till our next round of new programmer training (likely early in 2017) before you can join our first crew of programmers.

What can make this move faster?

Your time.

Your donations.

I still have questions…

We have answers.


WBTV Unplugged: Aly Perry

WBTV-LP launched our radio makers interview series, WBTV Unplugged a few months back and we have our second episode ready for you. The format is radio makers interviewing radio makers. In this episode hear Aly Perry from WRUV’s Soundsmith Radio!

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WBTV Unplugged: Dom Berrini

In late spring, WBTV-LP launched our radio makers interview series, WBTV Unplugged. A chance for radio makers to interview radio makers. Wow, we had no idea what kind of cool content we would get from these. You need to listen! Up first, Dom Berrini, long-time host of WRUV’s Exposure.

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Audio App Review: Audio Hijack

Audio App Review: Audio Hijack

By DJ Llu

For years I have cobbled together ways to record audio for my radio show and podcasts and none of my tricks have been easy or produced good quality audio. Then I discovered Audio Hijack Pro–an affordable and wicked effective audio recording software app from the fine folks at Rouge Amoeba.

The most recent version has a super easy interface, cross platform access for you to record from any or all audio sources on your computer, and an export process that gets you your content seamlessly into whatever format you need. And there is Skype integration for you folks looking to record two-way interviews!

No more sitting in my closet recording through a third party audio set up for me, heck yes!

This is the best $50 you can spend to make your audio project workflow really flow.


Preview of Our New 3 Part Workshop: The Art of Radio Documentary

I’m excited to announce our first ever multi-part workshop: The Art of Radio Documentary. In it, we’ll learn about radio documentary by actually making one, from start to finish. It’s a bit like will be a little like radio documentary boot camp, but warmer and kinder with no judgement attached. Here’s what it will look like:

We’ll hit the ground running with the first workshop (2/1, 5:30 pm). We have already picked a topic and done a little legwork. As a group we will create a focus sentence for the piece, and do some story structure work. Then we will have a crash course on recording gear and interview technique. We will give out some phone numbers or emails of people who have agreed to be interviewed, and send you off.

In between workshops you’ll meet with your subject and interview them for the piece. Don’t worry! I’ll be right there for moral and technical support. You can send me your interview questions to look over, and give me a call if any complications come up.

In the second workshop (2/17, 5:30 pm) we will cut the interviews that we recorded, taking out the most interesting quotes, and the ones most relevant to our story plan. I will go home with these and assemble a rough cut of the story.

In the third workshop (2/23, 5:30 pm), I will come in with a very rough cut of the story. We will listen to it and do an in-depth group edit. The group edit is the secret weapon of radio producers, the thing that makes a story really really good.

Then I will go home, incorporate the group edits, and send out an audio file for you to cherish eternally!


These workshops will be accessible if you’ve never touched an audio recorder in your life, and will still be useful if you have. You can register here. Hope you can make it!