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In this episode of The Holding Space:

Homelessness was never something that David thought much about. He had a stable life living with his elderly mother in a house that she owned, a reliable job as a taxi driver, and no financial troubles. He didn’t drink, he wasn’t addicted to any substances; there was no reason for him to fear. David’s mother called him home from making trips to the airport one night, saying she didn’t feel well. She would pass on that night in surgery, turning David’s world upside down. His mother’s business had accumulated debts that would ultimately cost him his home. After that, as he says, “The dominoes just went, house, job, vehicle, health, homelessness. I believe a lot of folks go through that situation.”

After losing his home, David found himself regularly sleeping in his car, even on the coldest nights. Eventually, his car required maintenance that he couldn’t afford, and he would lose his taxi job. He soon found himself camping out, in a situation that he never imagined he would find himself in.  At the same time, years of driving long hours and irregular eating schedules took its toll on David’s body. He soon became ill and was hospitalized for over a month, diagnosed with diabetes and a blood clot in his leg. When he was released, he was fortunate enough to find housing waiting for him at Harbor Place, a “homeless hotel” geared towards serving homeless individuals coming out of the hospital which is owned and operated by Champlain Housing Trust.

In this episode of The Holding Space, Decker Tower’s resident leader David Foss hears his own interview for the first time. We reflect on loss, of family and of homes, and how our past makes us who we are. To hear more of David’s story, check out or

Our New Schedule: Featuring Democracy Now & Tons of Local Live Shows

After 6 months of beta streaming with a handful of our first ever programmers, we doubled our ranks with our summer recruits (and more coming soon) to launch our new schedule this month!

Tune in live to hear:

  • Democracy Now! (yes, really, the syndicated, live daily show with Amy Goodman!) (Monday-Friday)
  • Scene Not Heard w/ Paddy Regan – community engagement and development through the arts with music (Mondays)
  • Write the Book w/ Shelagh Shapiro – Radio for curious readers & writers (Mondays)
  • On Beat w/ DJ Live – all things electronic music
  • Breakfast w/ Bobby Bagels  & Danny Donuts- Tunes to get your day going (Tuesdays)
  • The Mix Tape w/ DJ Llu and DJ Sacramento – Making a live mix tape on air based on a theme (Tuesdays)
  • Accelerate and Intensify w/ Leif – A noisy music and mutations show (Wednesdays)
  • Stories from the Wolf Den w/ the Wolf Man – Stories from the blind & visually impaired community (Thursdays)
  • Blue Suede Rock w/ Stone Hill – The roots of rock & roll (Thursdays)
  • The Righteous Groove w/ Melo Grant – hip-hop, soul & funk (Thursday)
  • Two Kinds of Roads w/ Ben Wiggins – Real rock! (Thursdays)
  • Present Time – Voices of Home & Other Tunes (Fridays)
  • Rockin Bob’s Radio Show w/ Rockin Bob – Rock and oldies music (Fridays)
  • VT Film Essentials w/David Metzger and Lincoln L. Hayes – Classic cinema reviews and conversations (Fridays)
  • North Star Radio w/ P. Alimony – an urban showcase
  • The Other 80s w/ Marty McFly – odd ball deeper 80s cuts (Saturdays)
  • The First Barber on Mars w/ Dom the Barber – Songs and stories about space & beyond (Sundays)
  • Emoji Pop w/ Emoji Nightmare – all things pop (Sundays)

Find the air times and more info on each show.

The MixTape with DJ Sacramento & DJ Llu

DJ Sacramento & DJ Llu took to the WBTV-LP studio this week to launch their new show, the Mix Tape – a collection of songs with a theme, peppered with commentary and witty banter. We are doing live to tape till our online stream kicks on!

[mixcloud width=100% height=400 light=1]

Tune in! Yes, really.

You have all been so patient through this long station-building process. We are so stoked to soft laimg_0147unch the station this month with a handful of our first shows which will be a way for us to test the station out, train new programmers, and start streaming online for listeners.

Check out the new FIRST schedule that starts Sunday, December 4 and will be live to tape (for rebroadcast as we get programming filled up). The actual live stream of live shows is coming very, very soon! Stay locked to our social media and this website for the live streaming link (coming very soon).

Pinch us.

The final piece of our studio build was installed yesterday–the counter. It is new, it is shiny, it is custom made to ensure the studio is accessible, comfortable, and fits all the gear radio makers will need to broadcast!

What’s next?

We finish our first round of programmer training (yup, we have had 25+ folks getting trained up on station basics, the art of radio, and next, the studio tech). We will have these folks be our first “beta” schedule as we stream online later this fall.

Then what?

Hot on the heels of getting online, we will raise a broadcast tower and pump out 100 watts of broadcast quality content to all of Burlington (and then some).

Can I still become a programmer?

Yup! We are always taking new apps, but you will have to wait till our next round of new programmer training (likely early in 2017) before you can join our first crew of programmers.

What can make this move faster?

Your time.

Your donations.

I still have questions…

We have answers.