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Tune into our fall schedule!

We are adding shows all the time and looking for new programmers for our next big schedule update in January 2018. Until then, tune in to all this locally made radio!

WBTV-LP Fall Schedule 2017


We are on your radio dial Burlington! 99.3FM

21463145_10155024234090875_862877934453586997_nAfter six years in the making, we finally got our antenna up and powered on at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, September 8 (just in time for the 25th South End Art Hop). This was a labor of love by dozens of dedicated community volunteers and our partners at VCAM and RETN. To say we are excited is the understatement of the year.

Reset those car presets and tune in those work radios to the new 99.3FM, the newest community radio in the queen city of Burlington, VT!

And catch our locally made programming for this fall!


Who’s on WBTV’s Present Time?

Meet Naomi Barell

“Cuba was like photography Heaven.” Thank you, Naomi Barell, for sharing stories from your recent travels to Cuba!

Present Time is my radio show where I interview people from around Vermont, just like you. Recently, I had Naomi Barell on my show.
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Hop on down or on the air with us at Art Hop!

WBTV Share on the AirSoon it will be the magical time of the year in the South End, the SEABA Art Hop! Friday, September 8 and Saturday, September 9 WBTV-LP will be live broadcasting from our brand new studios at the Media Factory at 208 Flynn Ave. Come learn about the station, see live radio in action, or even get interviewed on the air with one of our programmers.

More info on the party coming soon, but here is a sneak peak of our special Art Hop programming:


Friday, September 8:
5-6p: Democracy Now
6-8p: Louie Live
8-10p: North Star Radio
Saturday, September 9:
10a-12p: Melo Grant
12p-2p: Ryan Dunleavy
2p-3p: Shelagh Shapiro
3p-4p: Dom the Barber
4p-5p: Noise Pollution

While you are there, enjoy the art, food and entertainment provided by our partners at RETN and VCAM. This is fun for the whole family!

Photo credit for radio painting: Raymond Logan.

In this episode of The Holding Space:

Homelessness was never something that David thought much about. He had a stable life living with his elderly mother in a house that she owned, a reliable job as a taxi driver, and no financial troubles. He didn’t drink, he wasn’t addicted to any substances; there was no reason for him to fear. David’s mother called him home from making trips to the airport one night, saying she didn’t feel well. She would pass on that night in surgery, turning David’s world upside down. His mother’s business had accumulated debts that would ultimately cost him his home. After that, as he says, “The dominoes just went, house, job, vehicle, health, homelessness. I believe a lot of folks go through that situation.”

After losing his home, David found himself regularly sleeping in his car, even on the coldest nights. Eventually, his car required maintenance that he couldn’t afford, and he would lose his taxi job. He soon found himself camping out, in a situation that he never imagined he would find himself in.  At the same time, years of driving long hours and irregular eating schedules took its toll on David’s body. He soon became ill and was hospitalized for over a month, diagnosed with diabetes and a blood clot in his leg. When he was released, he was fortunate enough to find housing waiting for him at Harbor Place, a “homeless hotel” geared towards serving homeless individuals coming out of the hospital which is owned and operated by Champlain Housing Trust.

In this episode of The Holding Space, Decker Tower’s resident leader David Foss hears his own interview for the first time. We reflect on loss, of family and of homes, and how our past makes us who we are. To hear more of David’s story, check out or