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Spring into great community radio in May on 99.3 WBTV-LP!

Happy May! Tune in to 99.3 WBTV-LP for great radio, including interviews, music from around the world and our backyard, and unique variety shows made by and for our community. Read on to learn about our upcoming events and some show highlights.
On the Air in May

Wednesdays in May, 11am Green Bubble Tea
May is Asian-American Heritage Month! Isa will share historical facts about Asian-Americans and feature Asian-American artists all month.

05/08 9am The Upside
Gin talks with Margarita Antonio, a leader in the community radio and television community from our sister city of Bilwi, Nicaragua.

05/12 4pm Folk Talk with Rik Palieri
A tribute to Pete Seeger from Rik’s 1999 interview with him from the Library Of Congress Collection.

05/17 5pm The Vault
Children’s songs best left in our childhoods, with guest panelist Jim of The Concert Experience.

Meet Skeeter, Host of The Quiet Storm on 99.3 WBTV-LP!

Meet Skeeter, host of The Quiet Storm on 99.3 WBTV-LP.  The Quiet Storm is a smooth jazz and R&B program, here Skeeter discusses how it came to be.


Q: How did your show start?

A: I started the program over 20 years ago over at WGDR, the Goddard College station in Plainfield.  For most of its history, it was a locally produced program geared to a local audience in central Vermont.  Then, by 2009, I noticed that smooth jazz as a music format was disappearing from commercial radio airwaves.  I also knew there was a very fierce, loyal fanbase for that type of music. For 3 years, in addition to my gig at WGDR, I was also an overnight DJ on the weekend at The Point FM.  The program director at The Point back in 1998, happened to be listening to The Quiet Storm on WDGR and within a week I got an email inviting me to audition. That experience in commercial radio taught me a lot and gave me insight to develop my show into what it is now.


Q: What was the inspiration for The Quiet Storm?

A: I had lived in the San Francisco area for 12 years before I moved to Vermont.  During the time that I lived there I found myself, as a listener, switching back and forth between two stations.  One was an all smooth jazz station and a 24-hour quiet storm R&B format. So when I created The Quiet Storm in 1998, I did it more or less to pay homage to those two stations.  It’s a 50/50 mix of smooth jazz and R&B. I present it in a style of triple A; album, adult, alternative.


Listen to The Quiet Storm Tuesdays from 8:00-10:00 P.M. on 99.3 WBTV-LP, or online at

99.3 FM WBTV-LP is your community radio station. Please consider making a gift via our website at or mailing a check to 99.3 FM WBTV-LP, 208 Flynn Ave., Suite 2G, Burlington VT 05401.

Meet Gin Ferrara, Host of The Upside on 99.3 WBTV-LP!

Meet Gin Ferrara, host of The Upside on 99.3 WBTV-LP.  With years of experience in education and local radio, Gin goes through what makes 99.3 WBTV-LP the right place for her and people looking to learn about radio.  Gin’s show, The Upside, consists of selected music and interviews. Every show has a theme, something that ties the music and the interviews together.


  1. What drew you to WBTV-LP?

I am thrilled to have a radio show.  I was a DJ back in college in upstate New York and then I moved to another town where there was no community radio, no college radio, no independent radio.  So when WBTV-LP got started, I was super excited for there to be a community focused radio station in town. There were lots of opportunities to get a show as things were getting started and I really liked the focus on serving the broader community, having a diversity in voices, and that this is a learning radio station.


  1. What can someone learn from WBTV-LP?

People can come in here and not know anything about radio, and not just have a show, but learn how to have a show.  WBTV-LP offers workshops every month that are educational both for the programmers and the general public. I’ve been learning a ton from all the other programmers here, it’s a very generous community, people share what they know.  I feel like in less than a year I’ve had a show, I’ve grown a ton as a host and a programmer.


  1. What is your show?

The Upside is Wednesday mornings from 9-11 AM.  It’s a talk and interview show on a theme. I like the idea of having a bigger picture theme that I’m going for, it really helps make a playlist and encourages me to look for new music.  For example, a show about food allergies, we had a lot of music that was food related. Overall, the interview part is talking about things that are going on in-community; people are doing cool things, upbeat things, or unusual things that help bring people together.

Listen to The Upside Wednesday mornings from 9:00-11:00A.M. on 99.3FM WBTV-LP, or online at

99.3 FM WBTV-LP is your community radio station. Please consider making a gift via our website at or mailing a check to 99.3 FM WBTV-LP, 208 Flynn Ave., Suite 2G, Burlington VT 05401.

Life is Short. Leave Your Mark. Make Media.

“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”—United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, December 10, 1948.

The Ancient Greek philosophers called for free speech as did the Founding Fathers and the Suffragettes.  Oscar Wilde used his dramatist’s pen to challenge social norms. Billie Holiday shared her distinctive voice in the 1939 song, Strange Fruit, to protest lynchings.  Lenny Bruce used the comic’s microphone to stretch the fabric of free speech—and was arrested, multiple times.

October 20, 2018 is Community Media Day, a global celebration dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of free speech and accessible media.  Community Media Day debuted in 2017 to encourage access across diverse voices and platforms. The celebration serves as a prelude to Free Speech Week, which begins October 22.

The Media Factory is celebrating Community Media Day by sponsoring a “Home Movie Day” on Saturday, October 20th from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Feel free to bring your home movies for sharing and viewing. We will have projectors for 8 mm, Super 8, and 16 mm films and for VHS tapes.  We will show digital movies, too, if you have already reformatted your home movies or if they are born digital.  If you don’t have any home movies, you can still come and participate as an audience member.

“I think Community Media is a huge service to the community and a powerful asset to those of us who feel we have a message and a mission to share with the community,” says Morella Devost, host of Thrive with Morella on WBTV-LP, 99.3 FM.

Life is short.  Leave your mark.  Make media.

~By Katherine Stamper, Host of Present Time on WBTV-LP, 99.3 FM

WBTV-LP Joins Pacifica Network!

We are pleased to announce that WBTV-LP has joined the Pacifica Radio Network, the oldest noncommercial broadcast network in the United States, and a founding organization in the medium of community radio. Pacifica Radio is renowned for cutting edge grassroots journalism and arts, as well as broadcasting a variety of viewpoints that are otherwise unavailable in mainstream media.

WBTV-LP is the sixth Pacifica affiliate in Vermont and the first one in the Burlington market.

WBTV-LP already airs Pacifica’s flagship program, Democracy Now, weekdays live at 8am, with a replay at 5pm. The station also runs WINGS (Women’s International News Service) each Saturday at 4pm.

The Quiet Storm is a smooth jazz program on the Pacifica Radio Network, but the show’s creator, Skeeter Sanders, is a WBTV-LP programmer who does the show live from the studio right here in the Media Factory every Tuesday night from 8-10pm. Skeeter records the Pacifica-distributed version of his show at WGDR in Plainfield.

WBTV-LP plans to begin adding more programming from the Pacifica network in the coming weeks. Despite this exciting news, WBTV-LP will continue to always prioritize locally-made shows over other content from outside of Vermont, ensuring that the station is an outlet for diverse local voices in the greater Burlington community first and foremost.