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Add Your Voice!

Elton John listening to community radio.

Elton John listening to community radio.

The 99.3FM, WBTV-LP station building project is an Arts Riot Super Supper finalist next week on Thursday, September 10, 5pm-8pm. You can attend and take part for just $10 (dinner included!).

Two of our radio building leaders, Tiff Lee and Scott Campitelli, will present a 5 minute pitch to the audience, who will vote at the end of the night on which finalist’s project they want to fund. We want to add YOUR voice to the presentation in a short, creative radio piece!

All you have to do is record yourself answering one (or more) of the following radio questions. Be as brief as possible!

  • I listen to community radio because…
  • I make community radio because…
  • Community radio provides the local community with…[what commercial radio doesn’t?]
  • I listen to the radio when I am…
  • Radio is my favorite kind of media because…

Then email it as a MP3 it to by Friday, September 4th at noon.

Ways to easily record:

  • Use your smart phone and record a voice memo. Then, email that file to Llu or download it off your device, onto a computer and email from there. A MP3 format is best, but we will try any audio wave file.
  • Record it straight to your computer (on computer mic is fine) and record it into GarageBand, another audio editing program, or even directly (for free) to soundcloud. Then, file share with Llu.
  • Don’t have any of those means? Contact Llu to stop by VCAM this week to record your answer or leave a voice message with Llu to record your answer. Email Llu for more info!

Upcoming WBTV Events

Here is a list of some upcoming WBTV events. Feel free to stop by, say hello, and join our team!

WBTV Outreach Meetings- Monday, July 20th, Monday August 3rd, and Monday August 17th.

Stop by one of our upcoming outreach meetings every 1st and 3rd Monday, every month! These meetings are open to the public meaning all newcomers are welcomed! Meetings are held at VCAM at 5:30 pm.

WBTV Tabling at Burlington Farmers Market- Saturday, July 25th

WBTV members will be tabling this Saturday at the Burlington Farmers Market. Stop by, say hello, and see why WBTV might be the right team for you.

WBTV Tabling at the Old North End Ramble- Saturday, July 25th 

WBTV members will be tabling at this years Ramble! Stop by our table, say hello, and join our team this Saturday!

Facebook Event Page

WBTV is apart of the 3rd Annual 24-Hour Radio Race-  Saturday August 8th and Sunday, August 9th

WBTV will be participating in the 3rd annual 24-Hour Radio Race held by KCRW. We are excited to be apart of the competition and hope to bring home the hardware!

24-Hour Radio Race

WBTV is apart of National Radio Day- Thursday, August 20th

More info on National Radio Day coming soon.

WBTV’s 1st all station meeting!

IMG_3303On Wednesday, July 15, sixteen radio leaders from Burlington, each part of the working groups of WBTV-LP over the last many months, gathered for our first WBTV-LP all station meeting. We discussed which direction to take WBTV-LP for the station building phase.

Do we become totally autonomous as a station? Do we work on a hybrid model, partnering between the community and VCAM and RETN? Do we make the station a program of VCAM and RETN?

TIMG_3301here are pros and cons to each direction. Over the course of three hours, this group of locals vetted each option and narrowed down to either hybrid or program model. We will work over the next month to further vet these two options and then gather again to pick one.

These are pivotal decisions that will frame how we move forward with fundraising, programming, and station governance. Is this the level of station involvement you want to get involved in? Now is the time! Email llu[at] to get up to speed and join the station building process.


Save the date! May 27

99.3 WBTV-LP listening session May 27

We want to hear from you as we build this radio station. What makes local radio so special? What can it add to a community’s dialog? And how do YOU want to get involved?

May 27 at 5:30pm, join us at the VCAM studios on Flynn Ave in Burlington and make your voice heard. Make plans to get involved!