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On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 4.06.55 PMHello friends, we are the interns this summer for WBTV. We appreciate, and thank you for viewing WBTV’s first newsletter. It’s our hope that you like what you have read and you find yourself wanting to join our team in any way. All feedback and questions are welcome, just send us an email at Thank you for your time and your interest in WBTV!

Read the new monthly WBTV-LP newsletter right here.

Upcoming WBTV Events

Here is a list of some upcoming WBTV events. Feel free to stop by, say hello, and join our team!

WBTV Outreach Meetings- Monday, July 20th, Monday August 3rd, and Monday August 17th.

Stop by one of our upcoming outreach meetings every 1st and 3rd Monday, every month! These meetings are open to the public meaning all newcomers are welcomed! Meetings are held at VCAM at 5:30 pm.

WBTV Tabling at Burlington Farmers Market- Saturday, July 25th

WBTV members will be tabling this Saturday at the Burlington Farmers Market. Stop by, say hello, and see why WBTV might be the right team for you.

WBTV Tabling at the Old North End Ramble- Saturday, July 25th 

WBTV members will be tabling at this years Ramble! Stop by our table, say hello, and join our team this Saturday!

Facebook Event Page

WBTV is apart of the 3rd Annual 24-Hour Radio Race-  Saturday August 8th and Sunday, August 9th

WBTV will be participating in the 3rd annual 24-Hour Radio Race held by KCRW. We are excited to be apart of the competition and hope to bring home the hardware!

24-Hour Radio Race

WBTV is apart of National Radio Day- Thursday, August 20th

More info on National Radio Day coming soon.

WBTV’s 1st all station meeting!

IMG_3303On Wednesday, July 15, sixteen radio leaders from Burlington, each part of the working groups of WBTV-LP over the last many months, gathered for our first WBTV-LP all station meeting. We discussed which direction to take WBTV-LP for the station building phase.

Do we become totally autonomous as a station? Do we work on a hybrid model, partnering between the community and VCAM and RETN? Do we make the station a program of VCAM and RETN?

TIMG_3301here are pros and cons to each direction. Over the course of three hours, this group of locals vetted each option and narrowed down to either hybrid or program model. We will work over the next month to further vet these two options and then gather again to pick one.

These are pivotal decisions that will frame how we move forward with fundraising, programming, and station governance. Is this the level of station involvement you want to get involved in? Now is the time! Email llu[at] to get up to speed and join the station building process.


KCRW’s 3rd Annual 24-hour Radio Race (August 8/9) – join our team!


Ari (from the Outreach Group for WBTV-LP), saw this awesome 24 hour radio hack event.

The challenge? Create a short radio piece [like less than 5 minutes] — write, record, and edit a non-fiction piece – in 24 hours with a team for this national competition. Read more about it.

The competition takes place Saturday, August 8 starting at 10 a.m. and goes until Sunday, August 9 at 10 a.m. As at team, we have those 24 hours to create our radio piece, then we post the final product on soundcloud for judging.

Even though WBTV-LP isn’t on the air, we do have lots of radio programming interested and experienced folks in the community. Are you one?

Join the WBTV-LP team by emailing Llu[at] by August 1, 2015.

Who won last year?

Join their facebook event and listen to how the winners won last year.

Go team!

What’s Good?

Does anyone really know how to respond to the all too cool greeting “what’s good”? Its truly been one of my life’s biggest mysteries, up there with the existence of mer-people and the progression of LOST. While I usually respond with “grilled cheese sandwiches” or “uuuhhh, life?” I can now say WBTV-LP! Over the last few couple of weeks there has been a swarm of SO MANY GOOD THINGS surrounding the radio station. Here’s what I mean:



farmers market1

If you were bopping around the farmers market a few Saturdays ago you might have seen this nifty table across from the city hall steps. Thanks to all the folks who stopped through, donated a buck, and chatted with us on that beautiful June morning. We collected some awesome pieces of audio that will pop up on the WBTV media sphere soon



internet radio

Not only will WBTV come to you over good old radio waves but there will also be an Internet streaming presence. All of the community radio! Here are two fantastic staffers testing the Internet stream for wbtv-lp. Wicked exciting!



What a fantastic event! Hotel Vermont was wonderful enough to have us come through for games and mega fun times at their event to celebrate the nation. Live music, friendly faces and duck -pin bowling…what more could you ask for?

hotel vt

‘Sup Matt




WBTV is looking so official with this new, lovely banner. Thanks Paw Print & Mail for a job well done!

So, the next time someone greets you with a baffling “what’s good” feel free to say WBTV! Don’t forget to check out our other corners on the interwebs for more WBTV updates and general radio lovin’ :]

Be well friends!