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Add Your Voice!

Elton John listening to community radio.

Elton John listening to community radio.

The 99.3FM, WBTV-LP station building project is an Arts Riot Super Supper finalist next week on Thursday, September 10, 5pm-8pm. You can attend and take part for just $10 (dinner included!).

Two of our radio building leaders, Tiff Lee and Scott Campitelli, will present a 5 minute pitch to the audience, who will vote at the end of the night on which finalist’s project they want to fund. We want to add YOUR voice to the presentation in a short, creative radio piece!

All you have to do is record yourself answering one (or more) of the following radio questions. Be as brief as possible!

  • I listen to community radio because…
  • I make community radio because…
  • Community radio provides the local community with…[what commercial radio doesn’t?]
  • I listen to the radio when I am…
  • Radio is my favorite kind of media because…

Then email it as a MP3 it to by Friday, September 4th at noon.

Ways to easily record:

  • Use your smart phone and record a voice memo. Then, email that file to Llu or download it off your device, onto a computer and email from there. A MP3 format is best, but we will try any audio wave file.
  • Record it straight to your computer (on computer mic is fine) and record it into GarageBand, another audio editing program, or even directly (for free) to soundcloud. Then, file share with Llu.
  • Don’t have any of those means? Contact Llu to stop by VCAM this week to record your answer or leave a voice message with Llu to record your answer. Email Llu for more info!

Happy National Radio Day!

232x300xNRD_cake_graphic-01-no-logo-232x300.png.pagespeed.ic.HlS5wxFFoDIt is better than birthdays and all other holidays, it is National Radio Day today, Thursday, August 20! We can’t celebrate on-air (yet), but we can share the list of the hundreds of other community radio stations around the country who are doing cool things today! Find a new station, tune in, and celebrate!

What is your favorite local station here in Vermont? What kind of radio makes you tap you toes or shout back at the speakers? Tell us in the comment section below!

? Supporting Community Radio Makes You Look Good!

August WBTV newsletter screenshot

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WBTV-LP’s a Finalist! Arts Riot Super Supper

super-supper-logoGreat Scott! 99.3FM, WBTV-LP, the new low-power community radio station we are building with the community andRETN next year, is a finalist for the Arts Riot Super Supper on Thursday, September 10 [aka SEABA Art Hop Eve].

What is a Super Supper?

Think of it as an in person, live crowd funding event meets a TED Talk. The audience pays $10 at the door, gets free dinner, schmoozes with the presenters, and then listens to the series of 5 minute presentations where each group shares their social impact project. After eating, people vote, and the winner receives the funds from the night. Pretty rad, right?

Why is WBTV-LP a finalist?

Well, we think our vision of a new low-power community radio station – one that teaches the art of radio, puts creative projects, live broadcasts local events, and otherwise enriches the local airwaves – is exciting! Apparently the Arts Riot folks did too. We were picked from a bunch of community movers and shakers who applied. We get just 5 minutes to make our case for why this station is an important new piece of the local community media landscape. Please come hear our pitch (and all the rest of the finalists) and vote on who you like best at the end of the night.

Awesome, give me the details! 

Get your tickets here.

RSVP on Facebook.

More info on the supper.

Invite your friends and family to come learn about all the cool projects happening in and around Burlington!

Thanks to Arts Riot for destroying apathy and funding community social endeavors.

Garageband Basics with Llu & Audrey

GarageBandWorkshopFlyerGarageband Basics with Llu & Audrey

New this month, we are offering a basic audio editing workshop in Garageband, taught by two local WRUV DJs and podcasters – DJ Llu & Audrey Homan. Garageband is a surprisingly powerful and easy to use audio editing software (that comes preinstalled on all macs) that you can use to create music, edit audio, create podcasts, PSAs, and more. We won’t tackle music making in this one, but we will make you the next podcast star.

This workshop will teach you:

  • Laying out an audio editing project
  • A lay of the land of Garageband for basic features and effects
  • Recording and importing audio
  • Track management, levels, and layering your sounds
  • Track edits, transitions, and soundwaves
  • Exporting and sharing your project for use for a variety of online formats

This 1 1/2 hour workshop will be offered Monday, August 24 at the VCAM studios and there is a suggested donation of $25 (sliding scale) asked per participant to help fund the 99.3FM, WBTV-LP radio project.

Facilities, Materials, and Payment:

Macs are available for use during the workshop or we recommend that you bring your own (with Garageband already installed of course). VCAM membership is NOT required and donation can be paid at time of workshop in cash or check. If you would rather pay by credit card, contact Llu to set it up. Call today to register for this workshop or any of the others: 802-861-9692.

Size: 2-6 students l Duration: 1.5 hours

Yes! Sign me up!