Folk Talk #26: NERFA Report

“Folk Talk with Rik Palieri”: a weekly 1 hour folk music & talk radio show hosted by Rik Palieri on WBTV-LP 99.3 FM and Every Sunday @ 4PM

This week: NERFA Report

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  • 4:00pm Marfa Lights by Rik Palieri on Hobos & Heroes (Laurel Records )
  • 4:06pm Fly by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers on Humming My Way Back Home (℗ 2008 Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers)
  • 4:12pm Polaris by Dan and Faith on Then and Now (℗ Daniel and Faith Senie)
  • 4:13pm Sweet Georgia Brown by Banjo Nickaru · Western Scooches on Very Next Thing (℗ 2016 Nick Russo)
  • 4:18pm The Storyteller’s Suitcase by Ellis Paul on The Storyteller’s Suitcase (℗ 2019 Ellis Paul)
  • 4:24pm In These Times by Noel Paul Stookey on At Home: The Maine Tour (℗ 2015 Noel Paul Stookey)
  • 4:28pm Tanglewood Tree by Gathering Time on Tanglewood Tree (℗ 2017 Gathering Time)
  • 4:33pm Excerpt from “Pete Seeger’s The Incompleat Folksinger (promo)” by Mark Hellman on Pete Seeger’s The Incompleat Folksinger (promo) (OtherGuysTheatre/YouTube)
  • 4:38pm From Way Up Here by Jaeger & Reid on Performed at Kulak’s Woodshed in North Hollywood on March 3. 2019 (Jaeger & Reid/YouTube)
  • 4:42pm Two Crows by Richard Ruane · Beth Duquette on Notch Road (℗ 2018 Richard Ruane)
  • 4:47pm Old Pine Box by Sandie Reilly on The First Troubadour (Independent)
  • 4:58pm Marfa Lights by Rik Palieri on Hobos & Heroes (Laurel Records )
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