Flowers in My Hair, Demons in My Head

Post-Punk, Psychedelic and Indie

Psychedelic rock declined towards the beginning of the 1970’s, as bands broke up or moved into new forms of music, like heavy metal and prog rock. Like the psychedelic developments of the late 1960s, punk and new wave in the 1970s challenged the rock music establishment. At the time, “new wave” was a term used interchangeably with the nascent punk rock explosion. In 1978, journalists categorized a subset of new wave music as “neo-psychedelia”, 

By 1978–79, new wave was considered independent from punk and post-punk. 

Course Description for Post-Punk 101

In order to eviscerate the ELP-isms, Eagle-isms and ELO-isms that had come to personify mainstream rock by the mid-1970s, the initial flowering of the Punk Rock movement (1975 – 1977) presented an aggressive, oppositional, adamant brick wall of rhythm guitars and unsubtle arrangements. However, by 1978, the somewhat uniform “wall of sound” that had defined punk’s initial ideation was beginning to crumble, and light was poking through.

Artists were beginning to draw on influences that the initial punk orthodoxy may have rejected; “art” became less of a dirty word, and musicians began to integrate space, emptiness and a sonic and emotional sensitivity into their work. The extensive body of music that emerged from the prime flush of the Post-Punk movement (1978 – 1981) remains some of the most powerful, engaging and creative guitar-based work in the history of the electric rock/pop era. Today’s edition of Tables Turned exhibits some of where that movement stands today. Featuring artists Carlton Melton, Plague Vendor Mattiel and a many great others to exhibit sonic and emotional sensitivity for your listening pleasure. 

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  • 3:58pm Numb by OJR on Nashville Dreams (O.J.R.)
  • 3:59pm I’m in Love With Bridgette Bardot by Bag Of Panties on Half in the Bag (Bag of Panties)
  • 4:03pm Flowers in My Hair, Demons in My Head by The Mystery Lights on The Mystery Lights (WICK)
  • 4:09pm Too Low to Get High by Kalu & the Electric Joint on Time Undone (Kalu & the Electric Joint)
  • 4:16pm Glitch in The Sky Matrix by ORB on The Space Between (Flightless)
  • 4:17pm Animated Egg – Sock It My Way by The Animated Egg on 1960’s Psychedelica (Red Devil Records)
  • 4:27pm Millionenspiel by CAN on The Lost Tapes (Spoon)
  • 4:34pm Swallowed by the Sea by All Them Witches on Lightning at The Door (New West)
  • 4:38pm Subcutaneous Phat by Desert Sessions on 9 & 10 (Ipecac)
  • 4:51pm Doing it to Death by The Kills on Ash & Ice (Domino Recordings)
  • 4:51pm Wheel and Deal by Carlton Melton on Out To Sea (Agitated Records)
  • 4:54pm Space Cadet by The Murlocs on Young Blindness (Flightless)
  • 4:59pm Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs on Fever To Tell (Interscope)
  • 5:04pm Going Norway by Girl Band on Salmon of Knowledge (Rough Trade)
  • 5:08pm Let Me Get High/Low by Plague Vendor on By Night (Unknown)
  • 5:15pm Salute Your Solution (Album Version) by The Raconteurs on Consolers of the Lonely (Third Man)
  • 5:16pm Spread Your Love by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on B.R.M.C. (Virgin)
  • 5:21pm I Can’t Hear You by The Dead Weather on Sea Of Cowards (Third Man Records)
  • 5:22pm Brain Telephone – Brain Telephone by Frankie and the Witch Fingers on Brain Telephone (IDK)
  • 5:32pm Death Star by The Aquaholics on Aquaholics (Aqua Lab)
  • 5:33pm Veni Vidi Vici by Black Lips on Good Bad Not Evil (VICE)
  • 5:35pm Vampire for Your Love by Serpent Power on Serpent Power (Skeleton Key Records)
  • 5:37pm Crack Crack by Babaloo on Punk Mambo! (Butcher’s Ghost)
  • 5:41pm Where Is My Mind by Alice Donut on Ten Glorious Animals (Alice Donut)
  • 5:44pm Je Ne Me Connais Pas by Mattiel on Je Ne Me Connais Pas (ATO)
  • 5:49pm I Know What I Am by Band Of Skulls on Baby Darling Doll Face (Psycollective)
  • 5:52pm Wolf Like Me by TV On The Radio on Return To Cookie MTN (UMG)
  • 5:54pm Work Hard/Play Hard by Palace Music on Viva Last Blues (Drag City)
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