Science of Science Fiction: Time Travel Edition (9.1.19)

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  • 7:00pm Back in Time by Huey Lewis & The News on Greatest Hits: Huey Lewis And The News (Capitol Records)
  • 7:17pm Time Travel…YES!! (with Steve Michael Burns) by The Flaming Lips on It Overtakes Me (Warner Records)
  • 7:19pm ’39 – Remastered 2011 by Queen on A Night at the Opera (Hollywood Records)
  • 7:31pm Year 3000 by Busted on Busted (Universal-Island Records)
  • 7:34pm Time Machine by Grand Funk Railroad on Greatest Hits: Grand Funk Railroad (Remastered) (Capitol Records)
  • 7:46pm Time Travelling Blues by Orange Goblin on Time Travelling Blues (Rise Above Records)
  • 7:57pm Traveller in Time – 2017 Remastered by Uriah Heep on Demons and Wizards (Sanctuary Records Group)
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