Gearing up to listen

Gearing up to listen

When you hear “local community radio”, what do you think of?

WBTV-LP 99.3FM Burlington VT

Members of the WBTV Outreach Committee work on prepping The Listening Tree. What’s The Listening Tree, you ask? ONE WAY TO FIND OUT… 

We’ve got a few ideas, and the foremost of those is that YOU KNOW BEST. So come together with fellow community members this coming Monday, April 20th at 7pm at the WBTV studios (handily located inside VCAM at the west end of Flynn Ave.

We’ll bring the snacks, you bring your voice and some good ideas for Burlington’s very own Listening Tree, deep in the heart of WBTV-LP, 99.3FM, Burlington Vermont’s newest local community radio station.

C’mon. It’ll be fun.

99.3FM WBTV-LP Community Listening Session – Monday, April 20th 7pm

173490357-black-and-white-headphones-gettyimagesThe folks working hard on the planning for the station are launching a series of Community Listening & Info Sessions this spring. This is a chance for us to explain to you what this low-power community radio station is about, the timeline, and for YOU to learn how to get involved, how to support, and how to help us shape the vision of the station & structure.

Our first 99.3FM WBTV-LP Community Listening Session will be Monday, April 20th 7pm-8:30pm at the VCAM/RETN media center space at 208 Flynn Ave., suite 2-G in Burlington, VT’s South End. Everyone is invited, come drop-in, stay the whole time, tell your friends — we will have snacks!

For more information on this event or the outreach efforts of the station, please contact Joanna Thomas – vivavermont [at] or call VCAM at 802-651-9692.


99.3 FM, WBTV-LP – has a nice ring to it, right?

FCC WBTV CardAnother quick update from our LPFM organizing efforts! We secured the call letters of WBTV-LP for the station, making the nice sounding “99.3FM, WBTV-LP.” Now, we are turning our attention to getting start up mission, vision, and governance plans together – the roots of any good community radio station. We are looking for community members to be part of this process – help shape the content and direction of this station! We want to return to what radio was truly meant to be – the voice of the community.

Email llu[at] to get involved (please note: on-air programmers won’t be recruited until further along in the process).

Learn more about the different things you can do now to help the station on our JOIN US page. And follow us at our new Twitter handle – @993_WBTV.


99.3 FM Construction Permit Granted!


Our FCC construction permit approval!

Since September, we have been working diligently between Burlington’s three public access centers – RETN, VCAM and Channel 17/Town Meeting – to prepare how to share the new low-power frequency of 99.3FM here in Burlington, VT. With the help of a growing number of community members, we have been researching other low-power community radio stations around the country about best practices, government models, fundraising strategies, and all the rest that is needed for a successful station.

We were excited to receive word just yesterday that our application for 99.3FM was granted a construction permit! This means we get to start the building process (not just the physical part, but the whole station) – 2015 is going to be busy! Now is the time to join us and help us get the station on the air. Plug into the process by signing up on the JOIN US part of our site.

And help us spread the word!


The Core & Gov Committees of 99.3FM!