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Is this thing on?

Yes! Well, mostly.

Hang with us this week, we are getting the station on the air and raising our antenna as you read this, so our stream will be sometimes down. But, it will be worth it because by Art Hop (September 8 & 9) we plan to flip the switch on the antenna and begin (finally) broadcasting at 99.3FM.

So, hang in there with us! We got some great radio for you to hear. You can listen to us streaming on this website (click the arrow on the bottom), find us on the TuneIn app for your smart phone, and (super duper soon) on your preset radio dial at 99.3FM!

Read more about our launch thanks to Seven Days

And in the Free Press too!


Hop on down or on the air with us at Art Hop!

WBTV Share on the AirSoon it will be the magical time of the year in the South End, the SEABA Art Hop! Friday, September 8 and Saturday, September 9 WBTV-LP will be live broadcasting from our brand new studios at the Media Factory at 208 Flynn Ave. Come learn about the station, see live radio in action, or even get interviewed on the air with one of our programmers.

More info on the party coming soon, but here is a sneak peak of our special Art Hop programming:


Friday, September 8:
5-6p: Democracy Now
6-8p: Louie Live
8-10p: North Star Radio
Saturday, September 9:
10a-12p: Melo Grant
12p-2p: Ryan Dunleavy
2p-3p: Shelagh Shapiro
3p-4p: Dom the Barber
4p-5p: Noise Pollution

While you are there, enjoy the art, food and entertainment provided by our partners at RETN and VCAM. This is fun for the whole family!

Photo credit for radio painting: Raymond Logan.

Listen to our two KCRW IPP’s Radio Race Entries!

tumblr_static_eub37o1v1s00gwgg8occk8kks.jpgFor the last three years, WBTV-LP radio makers have teamed up to take part in the annual KCRW Independent Producers Project Radio Race. Hundreds of teams compete from all over the world for 24 hours of radio making. The assignment? Make a 4 minute non-fiction radio piece based on a surprise theme. Listen to our 2015 and 2016 entries.

This year we had two solo teams compete, Dom the Barber and DJ Llu. Take a listen to their pieces! We find out who wins the big prizes by the end of August.

Hear all the entries here.

Our New Schedule: Featuring Democracy Now & Tons of Local Live Shows

After 6 months of beta streaming with a handful of our first ever programmers, we doubled our ranks with our summer recruits (and more coming soon) to launch our new schedule this month!

Tune in live to hear:

  • Democracy Now! (yes, really, the syndicated, live daily show with Amy Goodman!) (Monday-Friday)
  • Scene Not Heard w/ Paddy Regan – community engagement and development through the arts with music (Mondays)
  • Write the Book w/ Shelagh Shapiro – Radio for curious readers & writers (Mondays)
  • On Beat w/ DJ Live – all things electronic music
  • Breakfast w/ Bobby Bagels  & Danny Donuts- Tunes to get your day going (Tuesdays)
  • The Mix Tape w/ DJ Llu and DJ Sacramento – Making a live mix tape on air based on a theme (Tuesdays)
  • Accelerate and Intensify w/ Leif – A noisy music and mutations show (Wednesdays)
  • Stories from the Wolf Den w/ the Wolf Man – Stories from the blind & visually impaired community (Thursdays)
  • Blue Suede Rock w/ Stone Hill – The roots of rock & roll (Thursdays)
  • The Righteous Groove w/ Melo Grant – hip-hop, soul & funk (Thursday)
  • Two Kinds of Roads w/ Ben Wiggins – Real rock! (Thursdays)
  • Present Time – Voices of Home & Other Tunes (Fridays)
  • Rockin Bob’s Radio Show w/ Rockin Bob – Rock and oldies music (Fridays)
  • VT Film Essentials w/David Metzger and Lincoln L. Hayes – Classic cinema reviews and conversations (Fridays)
  • North Star Radio w/ P. Alimony – an urban showcase
  • The Other 80s w/ Marty McFly – odd ball deeper 80s cuts (Saturdays)
  • The First Barber on Mars w/ Dom the Barber – Songs and stories about space & beyond (Sundays)
  • Emoji Pop w/ Emoji Nightmare – all things pop (Sundays)

Find the air times and more info on each show.

We want you on the air!

We are recruiting our next group of WBTV-LP programmers right now! Make your dream of doing that rad music show or producing that podcast or hosting that live talk show a reality with us.

Show application is super easy and informative.

We train you in three, 2-hour sessions over the course of a few weeks. You get hands on studio training too.

And then you join our new summer schedule in July, which will align with our going LIVE on the air at 99.3 FM later this summer.

This is THE time to get in the WBTV-LP schedule before we totally fill up (trust us, this is going to be a super popular station to be part of).

We look forward to meeting you and thank you for spreading the word!

Questions? Email from the Programming Committee.

Photo credit: Smokey House/Katherine Stamper’s show “Present Time.”