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Hop Over to 99.3 FM for Art Hop!

Join us on Friday and Saturday, September 7 and 8, for WBTV-LP at the South End Art Hop! We will be celebrating our anniversary — one full year since we did our first live-on-the-air tests — by partying with Art Hoppers across the south end of Burlington.

FRIDAY Sept. 7:

  • 5-8PM – WBTV-LP LIVE broadcast from ArtsRiot
    DJ Paddy Reagan will be interviewing artists (Lydia Kern at 6PM, Zoe Rae at 7PM) and Art Hoppers as well as spinning some tunes. Stop by and say hi!
  • 5-10PM – The Media Factory will be open for Art Hopping. Come check out the WBTV-LP studio (at 208 Flynn Avenue) in the largest single arts venue of the whole Art Hop!


  • 10AM-5PM – The Media Factory will be open for Art Hopping. Come check out the WBTV-LP studio (at 208 Flynn Avenue) in the largest single arts venue of the whole Art Hop!
  • 1-4PM – Come record personalized WBTV-LP station IDs! WBTV-LP programmer Jim Heltz will be on hand with our voice-over booth to help Art Hoppers record some station IDs that will play on the air between our scheduled programming.


  • Wednesday September 5, 9-11AM
    The Upside will feature interviews with artists Kevin Dwyer, Felipe Adan Lerma, and Sharon O’Neill, as well as a selection of local music. (This program will replay on Saturday the 8th from 2-4PM.)
  • Friday September 7, 5-8PM
    Live broadcast from ArtsRiot — see description above.
  • Friday September 7, 8-10PM
    North Star Radio with P. Alimony will be spinning in the booth for Art Hop!
  • Saturday September 8, 12-2PM
    Disney Bound DJ Cindy will be in the booth with a smile for Art Hoppers. Wave to her through the window as you Hop by.
  • Saturday September 8, 2-4PM
    An encore presentation of Wednesday’s Art Hop special episode of The Upside.

See you at the Art Hop!

Podcasting 101!

––Learn the concepts and strategies to produce, publish and promote your own podcast. We’ll cover the entire process – refining your idea, recording, editing, distributing and promoting – and review some of the tools and hosting sites you can use to get started right away.

This workshop is led by Jonathan Butler, Director of Digital Strategies at Vermont Public Radio. You can find him on Twitter at @jonathanpb.

PLEASE NOTE: While the listing states tickets are $25, this is a pay-what-you-can suggested donation. The event is valued at $25/person. All donations support 99.3FM WBTV-LP community programs.



WBTV-LP Joins Pacifica Network!

We are pleased to announce that WBTV-LP has joined the Pacifica Radio Network, the oldest noncommercial broadcast network in the United States, and a founding organization in the medium of community radio. Pacifica Radio is renowned for cutting edge grassroots journalism and arts, as well as broadcasting a variety of viewpoints that are otherwise unavailable in mainstream media.

WBTV-LP is the sixth Pacifica affiliate in Vermont and the first one in the Burlington market.

WBTV-LP already airs Pacifica’s flagship program, Democracy Now, weekdays live at 8am, with a replay at 5pm. The station also runs WINGS (Women’s International News Service) each Saturday at 4pm.

The Quiet Storm is a smooth jazz program on the Pacifica Radio Network, but the show’s creator, Skeeter Sanders, is a WBTV-LP programmer who does the show live from the studio right here in the Media Factory every Tuesday night from 8-10pm. Skeeter records the Pacifica-distributed version of his show at WGDR in Plainfield.

WBTV-LP plans to begin adding more programming from the Pacifica network in the coming weeks. Despite this exciting news, WBTV-LP will continue to always prioritize locally-made shows over other content from outside of Vermont, ensuring that the station is an outlet for diverse local voices in the greater Burlington community first and foremost.

Calling All Programmers!

WBTV-LP is now actively seeking new programmers for the summer/fall 2018 season! If you would like to get a radio show on 99.3 WBTV-LP, Burlington, complete an application by the end of June 2018 and the WBTV-LP Programming Committee will review your application and you might just have a weekly radio show starting in January.

No radio experience necessary! 

Before you get a show, the WBTV-LP volunteers and staff will train you in the art of radio, the basics of broadcasting, and how to run your own show in the WBTV-LP booth.


Apply now!

Invasion of the Pod People!!!

Vermont Public Radio and WBTV-LP are co-hosting an event for Vermont’s Podcast Creators (and would-be podcast creators) at VPR’s Studio One in Colchester, VT. If you produce a podcast or you’ve got an idea you want to launch, come meet your fellow Vermont Pod People for an evening of networking, knowledge sharing and more networking!

It all happens Thursday May 10 at 5:30 PM. Space is limited, so reserve your free tickets now!