The power of radio is undeniable – it’s accessible & personal. What separates 99.3 FM, WBTV-LP, Burlington is our aim to be the voice of the people, while still being in chorus with other local Burlington community radio. We are now broadcasting to Burlington via the radio at 99.3FM and to Vermont and beyond online via this website.

WBTV-LP is a collaborative community media project supported by Burlington area community media center the Media Factory in partnership with a dedicated crew of community volunteers. Our station is membership-based from our growing crew of programmers and listeners, with a Radio Advisory Council that oversees station management, and staff support from Media Factory. Check out our leadership page and get in touch!


WBTV-LP’s mission is to connect people in Burlington with community radio that is created and curated locally, dedicated to the free and creative exchange of ideas and culture, and reflective of the diversity of our city. We do this by teaching the art of radio production and illuminating stories that are vital to our community.

Our vision is to transform communities through participatory media, creating a unique radio landscape that inspires connection, collaboration and creativity.


Radio broadcasters face a unique challenge in their need to uphold the commonly held standards for broadcasters, while also defending the artistic freedom of its programmers and the diversity of perspectives in the listening community.

WBTV-LP is proud to participate in the long tradition of free and local radio broadcasting, and does so with the following principles in mind:

  • We acknowledge the free access that we have to listeners’ homes, work and lives. We accept this social contract with our listening community, and will follow the current accepted guidelines for radio broadcast.
  • WBTV-LP will develop programming that balances high quality, locally produced content with programs that teach and enrich our listening community.
  • WBTV-LP acknowledges its role as a training site for radio broadcasters. We will commit time and resources to promoting the benefits of the radio medium and training community members in the radio arts.
  • We believe that a diversity of perspectives enriches our community. In our daily programming and our long-range goals, we will prioritize connecting with and supporting all members of our community. We acknowledge our own bias and actively seek marginalized perspectives.
  • WBTV-LP is committed to the values of freedom and creativity. To that end, we will actively build an on-air and in-house environment that is joyful, supportive and aware.

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ashley lyonsPosted on8:02 pm - Nov 12, 2021

Howdy, Y’all,

I was wondering, please, if you have archives such that we could listen to your saved shows/programs not in real-time, but rather, later, if they are accessible elsewise. In particular, I really want to listen to Melo Grant’s shows as I am a long-time listener of hers on wruv. Now that I see she also djs on your station, I’m excited to hear more & want to find out if her rad & life-giving program is available at any time! Please let me know & thanx so much for doing so.

Sending gratitude & light,

ashley lyons

Rasta SteviePosted on8:15 pm - Jul 8, 2020

How can i read out to Mama Lion, I want to let her know her show is listed on the Reggae Radio Roadmap. I really enjoy her show and am helping promote it. I have created the REGGAE RADIO ROADMAP a fb page, the Ifficial One Stop Guide to 100+ FM Reggae Radio shows. A salute the selectors who put their hearts and energies into keeping reggae on your radio.
please pass my email address to her and ask her to email me, ganajrado@yahoo.com

Jon FrancoisPosted on2:21 pm - Jan 6, 2020

I wanted to follow up on an application I sent for a program on WBTV.


Shaggy JenkinsPosted on9:14 pm - Nov 13, 2018

Aloha from Maui!

Are you looking for a new show that talks about more than just the same old copy points? A show that not only looks at the news and headlines, but the culture of the society that is making them?

Each week, I and my crew from across the US report on stories of the day with an approach we hope speaks to both liberals and conservatives. The show is always broadcast friendly, noncommercial, topical, and easy to understand as we try to dissect everything from politics to culture.

I’m sure your listeners would enjoy some of our more in-depth look into cultural stories that are often missed or glossed over due to the turbulent newscycle of commercial media. We’ve done stories on the history of racism, the Watergate timeline versus Russia-Trump Investigation, gypsy police officers and more. Each segment is carefully researched and delivered with thoughtful commentary from a dedicated team of freelance broadcasters.

We’re available through the Audioport site from Pacifica Radio, as well as a RSS link if you would like to automate the downloading of our program. The program is usually around 56:00 to 56:30 in length with a promise that we don’t beat up your listeners begging for sponsorships and support.

I hope you choose to pick us up as a regular part of your station’s programming. If there’s anything I can do to answer any question you may have about the show, feel free to email me directly. Also, we’d love to be able to help promote the show by voicing any promos, liners, etc you may need. I would just need the intended showtimes, station frequency and slogan, and any other statements you would like included.

Thanks, or as they say in Hawaii Mahalo, for checking out the Shaggy Jenkins Show. We hope to hear from you soon!

    Gin FerraraPosted on6:22 pm - Nov 16, 2018

    Thanks for your interest in airing your show on 99.3 FM WBTV-LP! I’m forwarding your post to our Programming Committee, they will be considering new shows for January 2019. While we give priority to live shows produced at our station, we are happy to share the programs of fellow Pacifica audiomakers when they fit our programming objectives.

Ayana YoungPosted on9:21 am - Oct 12, 2018

Dear WBTV,

I wanted to reach out with you to connect about the For The Wild podcast. Our podcast is currently in its 4th year of broadcasting the critical ideas of our time with some of today’s brightest activists, political thinkers, and scientific minds. We’ve been an affiliate of Pacifica Radio for a while now but currently we’re looking to work with new partners to reach more people with the important environmental and social justice messages shared by our guests. We hope that WBTV may be able to help with this.

For The Wild is a grassroots, millennial-run organization that coalesces multi-platform education and media, direct action campaigns, and bioregional land-based initiatives to protect disappearing wild places. One of the things we do best at For The Wild is media, visual storytelling, and facilitating conversation through our podcast.

We believe that free-sharing of information is a valuable resource and is also a resource at risk. In these times where access to information about climate change and social resistance are under threat, when the criminalization of dissent is increasing and scientists are being silenced, the free, independent media are last watchdogs for sharing the truth. This is what we aim to do with the podcast.

In case it’s helpful here’s a link to our press page so you can explore other media outlets who’ve featured podcast host Ayana Young and our work.

Please visit our podcast page to stream episodes or you can see a short video with episode highlights for our drip crowdfunding campaign.

For The Wild’s reach is growing rapidly. Demographically, our listeners are composed of educated individuals in the millennial age-range (22-38). Listener interests include earth renewal, activism,regenerative economics, and sustainability.

Our podcast has a worldwide reach with almost 12,000 listeners each episode, and has had over 475,000 total downloads.
– Instagram followers: 27.8k
– Facebook followers: 6,600
– Newsletter: Over 1,400 subscribers

Some of the topics that podcast host, Ayana Young, regularly shares about through our podcast and through speaking engagements include:

– coalition building
– psychological dimensions of the Anthropocene
– regenerative forestry
– intersectional social and environmental justice
– resource extraction
– importance of Indigenous sovereignty

Our goal is to share the information we provide freely, with as many people as possible, through as many channels as we can. Your support with this would be such a great help. We hope your audience will be as inspired as our community has been. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. Thanks so much for your time and for considering hosting the For The Wild podcast on WBTV. I look forward to connecting further.


Ayana Young
Director, For The Wild

    Gin FerraraPosted on6:32 pm - Oct 24, 2018

    Hi, Ayana,

    Thanks for your interest in airing your show on 99.3 FM WBTV-LP! I’m forwarding your post to our Programming Committee, they will be considering new shows for January 2019. While we give priority to live shows produced at our station, we are happy to share the programs of fellow Pacifica audiomakers when tey fit our station goals.

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