Who’s on WBTV’s Present Time?

Who’s on WBTV’s Present Time?

Meet Naomi Barell

“Cuba was like photography Heaven.” Thank you, Naomi Barell, for sharing stories from your recent travels to Cuba!

Present Time is my radio show where I interview people from around Vermont, just like you. Recently, I had Naomi Barell on my show.

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Naomi Barell moved to Vermont about 20 years ago after having grown up in New York and living in Israel.

Naomi Barell


She is currently an educator but has worn many professional hats throughout her life – breakfast cook, desktop publisher, barrista, tour guide, graphic artist, waitress and more.

Along with her many careers, a few things have remained constant: her love for photography, travel, cats and her family (not necessarily in that order).

Naomi Barell's photography

Photo by Naomi Barell

She lives on a farmstead in Charlotte with a barn full of sheep, chickens, goats and a llama and spends much of her spare time making cheese.

Naomi recently appeared on WBTV’s Present Time, hosted by me, Katherine Stamper, to talk about her recent photography trip to Cuba.

To see more of Naomi’s photos or if YOU have a story to tell on WBTV’s Present Time, contact me by leaving a comment below, or visiting my show’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/PresentTimeWBTV993FM/  

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