Our New Schedule: Featuring Democracy Now & Tons of Local Live Shows

Our New Schedule: Featuring Democracy Now & Tons of Local Live Shows

After 6 months of beta streaming with a handful of our first ever programmers, we doubled our ranks with our summer recruits (and more coming soon) to launch our new schedule this month!

Tune in live to hear:

  • Democracy Now! (yes, really, the syndicated, live daily show with Amy Goodman!) (Monday-Friday)
  • Scene Not Heard w/ Paddy Regan – community engagement and development through the arts with music (Mondays)
  • Write the Book w/ Shelagh Shapiro – Radio for curious readers & writers (Mondays)
  • On Beat w/ DJ Live – all things electronic music
  • Breakfast w/ Bobby Bagels  & Danny Donuts- Tunes to get your day going (Tuesdays)
  • The Mix Tape w/ DJ Llu and DJ Sacramento – Making a live mix tape on air based on a theme (Tuesdays)
  • Accelerate and Intensify w/ Leif – A noisy music and mutations show (Wednesdays)
  • Stories from the Wolf Den w/ the Wolf Man – Stories from the blind & visually impaired community (Thursdays)
  • Blue Suede Rock w/ Stone Hill – The roots of rock & roll (Thursdays)
  • The Righteous Groove w/ Melo Grant – hip-hop, soul & funk (Thursday)
  • Two Kinds of Roads w/ Ben Wiggins – Real rock! (Thursdays)
  • Present Time – Voices of Home & Other Tunes (Fridays)
  • Rockin Bob’s Radio Show w/ Rockin Bob – Rock and oldies music (Fridays)
  • VT Film Essentials w/David Metzger and Lincoln L. Hayes – Classic cinema reviews and conversations (Fridays)
  • North Star Radio w/ P. Alimony – an urban showcase
  • The Other 80s w/ Marty McFly – odd ball deeper 80s cuts (Saturdays)
  • The First Barber on Mars w/ Dom the Barber – Songs and stories about space & beyond (Sundays)
  • Emoji Pop w/ Emoji Nightmare – all things pop (Sundays)

Find the air times and more info on each show.

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