WBTV Unplugged! Real radio talk

WBTV Unplugged! Real radio talk



Sure, if you want to get technical, most of WBTV is currently unplugged, since we’re still building the outlets in the studio. But that’s not what’s important now.

What’s important is talking about radio with the local folks who make it.

What’s WBTV Unplugged?

WBTV Unplugged is our new series of informal lectures where two local radio-makers get together and talk about what makes local community radio so vital. Each month, we’ll feature a live evening with a local musician, DJ, radio pundit or host, interviewed by… another local musician, DJ, radio pundit or host. It’s a lot like those great conversations that happen in the kitchen when parties are just settling into that mellow groove, but with mics, so you don’t miss a single beat.

Who’s up first?

February brings you an evening with Dom Berrini, aka Dom the Barber:



February 25, 6-7pm

at the VCAM new media space

No reservations (or helmets) required. Jackets optional.

Dom the Barber lives, plays, performs, and earns a living all within a 2 mile radius of his neighborhood in the South End of Burlington, VT.  As host of WRUV fm Burlington’s live local music program, Exposure, he turns the microphone to the wealth of local and Vermont musical talent.  Each week brings a live performance broadcast from the studio and casual conversation about the music.  You can find Dom the Barber on Burlington stages performing with the band Jerichovox or as his one man band experience.  Most of all Dom keeps it positive, productive, and always creative. You can find out more about Dom’s projects here.

He’ll be interviewed by WBTV’s own Audrey Homan, aka DJ Sacramento, also a DJ on WRUV, and also a passionate local radio advocate.

We’ll talk about Dom’s passion for showcasing local music, his dearly departed (hiatused?) jazz show “Mars for the Common Man” and talk about why it’s important to hear local music on local radio.

Don’t miss it.


Coming up in March: Soundsmith Radio’s Aly Perry is interviewed by longtime local radiomeister and community media proponent Bill Simmons. Stay tuned for details…

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