Rewind: Recap of the January WBTV-LP All Station Meeting

Rewind: Recap of the January WBTV-LP All Station Meeting

Rewind: Recap of the January WBTV-LP All Station Meeting

Held on January 7, 6-7:30 p.m.

Llu demonstrating a bench press, while starting the all station meeting.

Llu demonstrating a bench press, while starting the all station meeting.

In early January, we kicked off the new year with our first all station meeting. This was a chance for each of our working committees to report back to our growing supporting membership, to mingle with each other and to share a meal.

Each committee chair/reps gave a brief overview of their work in recent months and what is left to do to get on the air. This included:

  • Leadership Duo Team, Audrey Homan & Llu Mulvaney-Stanak
    • They noted that overall, as a community radio station connected to a public access center(s), WBTV-LP is unlike any other in the country. Nearly every other access center with a LPFM has just built a station, looking to bring community members in later as programmers. We are approaching this process with the community involved from the start–an exciting and daunting process, but one we know will help us be more successful for years to come.
    • Reviewed their charge to oversee station building process as the community & VCAM/RETN staff team; marked accomplishments; reviewed draft station building budget overview; spoke to final five months of station building and the starting of a RAC (Radio Advisory Council) made up of all committee chairs to improve communication and make key decisions toward the build.
  • Governance, Gary Lambert (chair) & Scott Campitelli
    • Spoke to their progress in drafting a station manual, including station policy, governance process, station staffing and other documents for station management. They referenced a variety of other community station resources to create this on going very rough draft. They are seeking membership feedback on the document via this google doc.
    • To be part of this group, email Gary.
  • Fundraising, Amanda Gustafson & Paddy Regan (reps)
    • Paddy and the station's second four-legged radio builder.

      Paddy and the station’s second four-legged radio builder.

      Celebrated well passing our end of year goal of $993 ($1,200 and counting from 40 individual donors); presented a diverse fundraising strategy to reach our $25-35,000 to be on-air by late May, including a major donor/sponsor campaign, underwriting, studio naming rights, events, and direct one-time capital funding support from VCAM & RETN; and how future fundraising will continue for sustaining the station. They also asked kindly if everyone who has not yet become a new supporting member of the station, donate today. Please help spread the word about all that is happening at WBTV-LP!

    • To join this group, email Llu.
  • Outreach, Joanna Thomas (chair)
    • Jo presenting outreach updates.

      Jo presenting outreach updates.

      Shared their efforts thus far including launching the WBTV-LP Education efforts, the latest version of our website, social media, making radio shorts, a monthly newsletter, tabling at community events, and more. They will continue to do all this, including assisting with a call for programmers this spring.

    • To join this group, email Jo.
  • PEG Directors, Seth Mobley (VCAM Director) and Sc

    Seth and Kate at the all station meeting.

    ott Campitelli (RETN Director)

    • Seth spoke to VCAM’s support thus far with staffing and fundraising efforts from the last few years. They are committed to providing $15,000 as one-time capital funding to help build the station.
    • Scott spoke to RETN’s budget process (in mode now) and will let folks know about what they can contribute soon.
    • Together, VCAM & RETN will provide space for the WBTV-LP studio (being built as part of the media factor space at their facilities) and space for WBTV-LP education efforts.
  • Programming, Ari Erlbaum (chair) and Bill Simmon
  • and Tech, Bill Simmon (chair)
    • They are focused on antenna placement and are exploring a possible downtown location. Placing the antenna at RETN/VCAM is the back up plan. After the site is confirmed, permitting, engineering, and tech research on studio gear is next.
    • To join this group, email Bill.

Want to hear the full raw audio of the meeting? We recorded it!

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