Be a “Talk Radio To Me” guest!

You get to be Jay-Z, we get to be Oprah. #winwin
You get to be Jay-Z, we get to be Oprah. #winwin

Are you a radio or audio maker?

Consider being one of our “Talk Radio To Me” guests in the coming months!
This series is an evolving, intimate live-radio experience, where we invite local creative types/radio folks/interesting people to come have a conversation with a WBTV-LP host, in front of a small crowd, all while recording it for air-play on our online outlets (for now – eventually, this would really be live on the radio).
Think Oprah, but less cars for everybody.
We holds these at VCAM right now and will eventually move them to the fancy new Media Factory education space we are nearly done with (like this month!).
They are about an hour, totally low-key, and meant to just be an interesting chat + storytelling + idea sharing format.
We are trying to do these once a month and are currently looking at December & January dates. Interested? Email for more info!

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