WBTV-LP All Station Meeting: Station Building Plan

WBTV-LP All Station Meeting: Station Building Plan

laying_groundwork_wideA dedicated crew of a dozen community radio leaders have spent the summer developing a station building plan for 99.3FM, WBTV-LP over the next nine months. The passion and commitment to making this station a reality was palatable each time we met and we are excited about working toward concrete goals in this fall to establish fundraising, programming policies, and the leadership the station.

We reviewed and vetted two final station leadership models to build the station under and grappled with the questions of who holds what power, how key decisions get made, responsibilities and accountability, and capacity toward getting things done for station building. We decided on using the model of a PROGRAM OF VCAM & RETN, with a commitment to work toward the a more fully community run model, as we plan the station building. There was collective excitement and passion toward having a truly community-owned model for where the station ends up, but the group decided that using existing structures to get the station built on time is important in the immediate.

The radio leaders will meet again in late September to build out timeline, tasks, and who will do what. We are still looking for dedicated community volunteers to join our station building leadership group. Contact Llu Mulvaney-Stanak to learn more.

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