In my opinion, backchannels are essential as they are ways to let the speaker know you’re listening during conversation. And if you’ve ever found yourself in a one sided conversation, you know how important those slight responses are. Of all the ways to let someone know you’re listening, my favorite is “word”. It’s easy. It’s succinct. It’s one of those catch all utterances that, when paired with a properly paced nod of the head, is all that needs to be said in reply.

That’s one of the greatest things about WBTV, at the moment. There are SO many opportunities to get your well placed “word” in. And that collective conversation is the beauty of community radio. So please feel free to pop in, be an active member in the conversation and let us know you’re listening :]

A few up coming opportunities are:

What: Connecting with community at the Burlington Farmers’ Market

Where: Farmers’ Market!

When: 6/27

Why: because we’d love to see your shining faces!

What: Outreach Committee Meeting

Where: VCAM

When: 6/29 @ 5:30

Why: because…community radio!

You all hold so many great ideas and voices that need to be heard. We’ll make sure to post new events and ideas as they become living, breathing things. Looking forward to seeing you folks at these events!




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