Meet Your Makers: Matt – [In]tern It up! (Part Two)



My name is Matthew Woodward! Like Tiffany, I’m one of the two interns at WBTV this summer. I’m very excited to work with this amazing group of people, and to help build a new, unique radio station for the people of the Burlington area.

Fun Fact #1: I’m currently a senior at Castleton State College. My major is Communications with a concentration in Mass Media and my minor is Related Arts.

Fun Fact #2: I’m also an artist/music producer under the alias of WDY. I’ve been creating, recording, and producing original music since 2011. In my short career i’ve already created 2 full length albums and 3 EP’s, while playing shows all over Vermont including Higher Ground 3 times and Waking Windows Festival this past year. Currently, i’m working on my next LP for later this year which will include a film for every track.

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Instagram: @mattiswdy

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