Meet Your Radio Makers: Tiff Lee–[In]tern It Up!

Meet Your Radio Makers: Tiff Lee–[In]tern It Up!

[see what I did there?]

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I’m Tiffany, one of two new interns for WBTV dropping in for a quick hey! I’m pumped to work with this wonderful team on this wonderful project.

Fun fact: I’m constantly talking about media and social change. That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to be involved in this community radio endeavor. When I’m not on my social soap box I’m usually writing, wandering, and exploring the social media community.

Speaking of social media and the amplification of voices, here are a few things I’ve been into lately.

1] Bitch Media
I’ve been streaming this podcast nonstop. In their words, “Bitch Media is a feminist response to pop culture”, aka the perfect background to my everyday activities.

2] Button Poetry
For me, Youtube is essential. This channel is a must as it features beautifully performed poetry and some of the most artfully delivered words I’ve ever experienced.

3] Black Girls Talking
Another awesome podcast that covers topics concerning women of color discussed by women of color. ’nuff said :]

I’m incredibly looking forward to sharing more with you all
Here’s to getting started!

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audreyhomanPosted on2:59 pm - Jun 13, 2015

Welcome to WBTV, Tiffany! *bops off to listen to new podcasts*

Kylah B.Posted on6:23 pm - Jun 9, 2015

I”m so proud of you!! Let’s work!

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