Listening to WBTV-LP Live

Want to get listening quickly?

Click on the blue play button:on the toolbar, at the bottom of the screen!

We are in the beginning stages of launching our full-fledged radio station, with both terrestrial (FM broadcast) and internet live-streaming.  As of now, we are still working on the launch of our FM broadcast.  However, in January of 2017 we announced the availability of our internet live-stream, allowing listeners to tune in to shows live.  If you would like to tune in, you will need a computer, smart-phone, or other device.

If you want to listen from within your HTML5-capable web browser, simply press the play button on our show toolbar, down at the bottom of the screen.  This will get most people on the road to listening to WBTV-LP live, as it should work across all devices and brands.

Advanced Streaming Options

If you would like to listen to our stream using an app or software media player. To listen to the stream, you may choose one of the following URLs by bit rate.  Advice: if you experience dropouts (periods of silence), you may need to select a lower bit rate for your connection.

M3U Playlists (Common)

XSPF Alternative Playlist Format  (Try this if the M3U does not work)

Here are some apps that have been known to work with our stream (by device):

Windows (XP, 7, 8 ,10): Windows Media Player (Built-in)
Mac OS X: iTunes (Built-in)
Mac OS X, Linux, Windows (XP, 7, 8 ,10)VLC
iOS (iPhone, iPad): iTunes (Built-in)
Android: – ServStream