Tables Turned - Stoner Rock Session

Stoner rock can be considered one of the best sub-genres that heavy metal and psychedelic music has ever given birth to. With a groove-laden sound, full of tasty riffs, and mind-numbing distortion, the genre has evolved over the decades since its creation in California in the early 1990’s.

Today, Tables Turned brings you two hours chock full of yumminess  – with Stoner Rock groundbreakers like Kyuss, Dead Meadow and Eagles of Death Metal. Take out your ponytail and bang your head with the radio. 

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  • 3:57pm Chroma by Arenna on Given to Emptiness (Nasoni)
  • 3:57pm Darkness by Radar Men From the Moon on Echo Forever (Radar Men From the Moon)
  • 4:07pm Me and the Devil Blues by Dead Meadow on Shivering King (Dead Meadow)
  • 4:20pm Truemmer by Mother Engine on Muttermaschine (Fuzzmatazz)
  • 4:21pm Cosmic Jam by Sons of Otis on Seismatic (Small Stone)
  • 4:24pm All Them Witches – Surface to Air Whistle (New Track 2016) (Lightning At The Door reissue 2016) by All Them Witches on Lightning At the Door (New West)
  • 4:39pm El Centro by All Them Witches on Dying Surfer Meets His Maker (New West)
  • 4:51pm Hey, Snow White by Destroyer on This Night (Merge)
  • 4:52pm Brahmacharya by My Sleeping Karma on Satya (Electrohasch)
  • 5:01pm I Guess I Know You Fairly Well by Band of Skulls on Himalayan (Psycollective)
  • 5:10pm Wheel and Deal by Carlton Melton on Out To Sea (Agitated Records)
  • 5:11pm I like to Move In The Night by Eagles Of Death Metal on Death By Sexy (Downtown Records)
  • 5:14pm Rukma Vimana by Fever Dog on Second Wind (Fever Dog)
  • 5:21pm Mainframe by Fever Dog on Mainframe (Fever Dog)
  • 5:22pm Bring It Back Gentle by Desert Sessions on Desert Sessions Volume 9 & 10 (Ipecac)
  • 5:32pm A Girl Like Me – Desert Sessions – The Desert Sessions, Vols. 9 & 10 by The Desert Sessions on Vols 9 & 10 (Ipecac)
  • 5:33pm Conscience Killer by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on Beat The Devil’s Tattoo (BMG)
  • 5:35pm Holy Moon by Black Rainbows on Holy Moon (Gabriele Fiori)
  • 5:41pm Lady by Dead Meadow on Dead Meadow (Dead Meadow)
  • 5:51pm Ten Tonne Skeleton by Royal Blood on Royal Blood (Imperial Galactic Limited)
  • 5:52pm Silver Shrooms by Farflung on A wound in eternity (MeteorCity)
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